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2015-08-08 03:31:07 No. 24205538
"Can't Stop, Won't Stop" Edition

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Thread for ongoing MLP Persona CYOA, as well as relevant horse, persona, and horseona pictures/discussion.

We only ask that you accept full responsibility for the choices you make. For ye chooseth this fate of your own free will.

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2015-08-08 07:24:13 No. 24214676
>You throw out a few guesses… King Gidorah, Gigan, Gamera, Mothra, even Jet Jaguar.
>But Sunset just seems rather amused as she shoots down every single one of your guesses.
>”Good try, but I didn’t really think you’d get it. Still, it’s good to see you know your Kaiju.”
“If you don’t think I’d get it, who is it?”
>”I- well, actually I guess I have two. In the human world, it’d be Mecha King Gidorah. But in this world, I’m more interested in Manda.”
“Why does that matter?”
>”Well, there’s a few differences between movies in the human world and movies in this world. A lot of special effects here are done with magic, which tends to look different from CG. Also their implementation of practical effects is a bit different too. The way they do the monsters is somewhat changed.”
>”Oh, also there’s a bit of a different message to the movies in this world.”
“A different message?”
>”Well think about it. The original kaiju movies are about science going too far, right? They’re all about the dangers of humans misusing science, and nature rebelling against them.”
>”But this world hasn’t discovered nuclear power yet, so it doesn’t really work that way here.”
“So what’s it about then?”
>”A lot of it is about messing around with dark magic research, or tampering with ancient forces beyond your control. Casting unknown ancient spells, putting on weird amulets you find in ruins, stuff like that.”
>”Sometimes it’s also about the expansion of civilization threatening the habitats of monsters.”
>”So in the Pony movies, Manda is a bit more sympathetic. He’s the guardian of an underwater kingdom of Seaponies that’s trying to attack the surface and reclaim their treasure that they left buried in an island.”
>”The ponies find it first, and they think their treasure is this super powerful ice spell that they find, so they learn how to use it to freeze Manda and destroy the seaponies.

2015-08-08 07:25:18 No. 24214696
>”But then it turns out that the treasure the Seaponies were seeking to reclaim was deeper in that underground facility, and that really they were looking for the seaponies they froze in suspended animation hundreds of years ago using that spell.”
>”It turns out they were all sick with a plague, and they had them frozen while they looked for a cure.”
>”In the end, they set Manda free and promise to find a cure, and he swims off, accepting their decision to repent for their actions.”
“Sounds pretty different.”
>”Well, that’s what you get when underwater civilizations and giant sea monsters are something that actually exists. They end up getting a little more depth. But there’s still plenty of freedom for them to make up monsters just to have a cool thing blowing stuff up. Which is why I like the human version of Mecha King Gidorah.”
>”It’s kind of nice to be able to experience both sides of that kind of thing.”
>”Too bad you can’t seem to go through the mirror for whatever reason. It’s just completely solid for you, right?”
>Sunset props herself up against you and nuzzles your cheek.
>”I’m gonna miss you on the other side.”
“I’ll miss you too, Senpai.”
>”Maybe I could ask Twilight to let you hold onto this when I’m gone.” Sunset suggests, pulling out her sun-emblazoned magic diary and flipping it open to demonstrate.
>”It’d be a good way to keep in touch. And I can still come see you on the weekends and-”
>The book buzzes loudly, interrupting her as writing forms onto the pages.
>RD: Hay gurl. School’s out. Wassup?
>Sunset groans and draws out a pen from her bag. “Sorry. I probably should have left this at home.”
>You see her jot down, “NOT NOW. ON DATE WITH ANON.”
>A few seconds later, a line appears below hers’.
>Sunset looks up at you. “Well we’ve still got time before we get to Seaddle. Do you feel like talking to them?”
>Do you? And if you do, how should you act towards them?

2015-08-08 10:25:19 No. 24217221
“Might as well. Give it here.”
>Sunset scribbles down, “Okay fine. Just for a little bit.”
>You take the book and pen, writing out your message to Sunset’s friends in the human world.
>PP: Hi!
“Who else is there?”
>RD: All the rainbooms are here for some practice! Except Sunset of course.
“Vinyl too then?”
>VS: ;)
“Thanks for that stuff you sent through.”
>VS: B)
>AJ: What stuff?
“Album for Twilight, some other stuff.”
>RR: What other stuff? Why is Vinyl smiling so much?
“It’s a secret.”
>FS: Nice to meet you! I hope you’re doing well. Could you tell us what Sunset Shimmer looks like on that side?
“Like a horse.”
>”I’m a pony, not a horse.” Sunset corrects you insistently.
>PP: Is she a preeeetty horse?
>You stare at Sunset with a grin until she starts looking away nervously.
>”Stop looking at me like that…”
“Yes. She is adorable.”
>PP: Am I a pretty horse?
“You are all pretty horses.”
>AJ: Did you two kiss yet?
“We certainly have.”
>RD: Did you two do it yet?
>Sunset throws her hooves over the page.
>”That’s… maybe we should…” Sunset squeaks, her cheeks flushed bright red.
>A few seconds later, another message comes through.
>RR: Rainbow Dash has had her journal privileges revoked. Please ignore the previous question.
>Sunset lets out a sigh of relief. “Oh, thank the goddess…”
>RR: What are you wearing, darling?
>RR: I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that. D:
“Some nice clothes and a fedora you made me.”
>FS: Rarity looks like she’s feeling sick. We’ll have to talk to you later, okay?
>Sunset Shimmer takes the pen from you and writes up, “SS: TTYL”
>”Have fun on your date!” says an unattributed message.
>Sunset closes the book and puts it away.
>”Sorry I freaked out a little bit. It’s not that I’m embarrassed about being with you or anything, it’s just… you know. Dimensions with only one sapient species might get a little icked out about any details like that.”
>"Anyway, uh, what did you think?"

2015-08-10 12:08:35 No. 24233286
“They’re pretty nice girls. Sounds like you’ve got some good friends on both sides.”
>Sunset smiles down at the journal. “Yeah, they are pretty great. I owe a lot to them.”
“Is the Vinyl Scratch in that world a voyeur too?”
>She quickly turns back to you. ”Wait, what?”
“Because she watches me through her window sometimes.”
>Sunset’s face is frozen in confusion for a good 5 seconds before she responds.
>”I… I don’t know, and I don’t want to know.”
“Just thought I’d ask.”
>”I guess she didn’t need much convincing to buy that stuff for us… I don’t want to think about it any more than that. Whatever floats her boat.” Sunset sighs, laying back against you.
>You let her rest there until the train pulls into the station half an hour later.

Seaddle, Afternoon

>When you step off the train with your marefriend, you notice the city of Seaddle seems somewhere neatly inbetween Manehatten and Ponyville in terms of what you might call “modernization”.
>It reminds you a bit of the outer parts of Canterlot. Mostly brick buildings around one or two stories.
>This part of Seaddle seems to be lightly metropolitan, and you don’t get that sort of oppressive “big city” sort of feeling just walking around.
>At times, all the green growing along the streets makes it feel like you’re back in Ponyville, but with about 20 times more coffee shops.
>On the whole, this place seems sort of average and easygoing. Fairly close to most of the other parts of Equestria you’ve been to.
>Although some of the conversations you overhear end up being a bit telling.
>”My nutritionist tried to tell me I didn’t have a gluten allergy, but I was like, ‘yeah, I think I know my own body, thank you’.”
>Yep. Definitely Seaddle.
>Interestingly enough, you don’t draw a lot of looks up here either.
>A few passing glances of observation are all you get before they go back to their business.
>”Convention Center isn’t too far from here. Want to head right there, or do you feel like grabbing some coffee and food first?"

2015-08-10 12:44:42 No. 24238306
“Food at conventions is always overpriced. We should get something to eat first.”
>”Good thinking. C’mon then. Let’s look around.”
>You headed towards the convention center while keeping an eye out for some place to eat.
>There’s certainly no shortage of options…
>Coffee shops are a dime a dozen, and the area is filled with an eclectic selection of ethnic restaurants.
>It’s a good thing Sunset offers to choose, or you’d be stuck out here all week trying to decide.
>You had some apples on the train, so Sunset settles on something quick and light.
>She enters a crowded mini-donut shop while you have a seat outside to rest your legs.
>You watch a lot of ponies crossing the street with Seaddle Moncon branded saddlebags on their sides, strange camera contraptions around their neck, and cumbersome costumes of rubber and foam.
>There’s more than a few cheap Anguirus cosplays from ponies wearing cheap saddles covered in spikes, but some of the ponies have gone through the trouble of learning to balance on their hind legs to pull of some bipedal godzilla costumes, and even an incredibly elaborate mechagodzilla.
>While you’re waiting for your donuts, you end up getting asked to take pictures with ponies thrice, awkwardly accepting each time.
>Although the most popular costume by far seems to be an incredibly lifelike chimera with a tiger head, goat head, and moving hissing snake tail.
>The quality of the fur and scales seems impossibly realistic… you almost want to reach out and touch it.
>But what’s really throwing you for a loop is the way each head moves independently, speaking in a different voice.
>There must be some skillful puppetry going on inside it… and ventriloquism as well.
>She even manages to have two of her heads hold simultaneous conversations with different ponies.
>Sunset comes out levitating two paper coffee cups and a big bucket of little fried donuts.
>”Sorry about the wait. Oh, a chimera. I wondered what the first one you saw would be.”

2015-08-10 04:04:28 No. 24240542
“The first… so that’s a real…”
>”Yeah! Real Chimera.”
“So they like these movies? Chimeras?”
>Sunset smiles knowingly. “You could say that.”
“So are there different types of Chimeras out there?”
>Sunset takes a sip of her coffee. “You’re dating one.”
>”Gilda. An avian and feline chimera is a griffon.”
“Oh yeah… I kinda thought they were their own thing though.”
>”They are. Guess Twilight didn’t have time to teach you much taxonomy, but to put it simply, magical creatures that contain traits of two or more non-magical creatures are considered a Chimera.”
>”The one posing for the cameras is a ‘Chimaera Capanvipera’ which is sometimes called a ‘True Chimera’ as they’re the oldest known chimeric species.
>”Discord is one too. Chimaera Draconequus. Although that form is probably more of an illusion than anything, given that he was born from the abstract concept of chaos. But I’ll tell you more later. Let’s try the donuts while they’re hot.”
>You grab a donut only a couple inches in diameter from the bucket.
>It’s warm to the touch, and lightly dusted with a blend of cinnamon sugar.
>You get a good whiff of the scent of freshly deep fried dough before taking a bite.
>This is…
>The fluffy interior of the deep fried donut melts in your mouth and mixes perfectly with the light coating of expertly blended cinnamon and sugar.
>The light coating complements the flavor of the dough rather than overpowering it, making it taste almost like a churro.
>But rather than the thick crust of the churro that often contains such little dough in the center, only the very outer layer of the donut is fried to a crisp, maintaining its shape neatly as you bite through it without having to squish or tear it with your teeth.
>There’s no need to deliberate on what to say here.
>There’s only one thing you can say.
“These are pretty good.”
>”I know, right? Come on, we can eat them while we walk.”

2015-08-10 06:15:05 No. 24242383
>You enjoyed your coffee and donuts together as you headed towards the convention center.
>Once you’re in, you start to notice a spike in the levels of species diversity.
>Though they’re still heavily in the minority, the adolescent dragons, kelpies, and even a lone aging centaur are all easy to spot through the crowd.
>”Monster movies can be fairly popular among the non-equine crowd. But it’s more than just movies, this place has all kinds of stuff about monsters.”
“So they can walk around, and I get weird looks going through Canterlot?”
>”This is a bit of an exception. I’m sure they’d get the same treatment. Canterlot is pretty insular. Most non-equine beings that live among ponies come from the fringes of Equestria.”
“Spike seems to be doing pretty well.”
>”He’s cute. He gets a pass. When it comes to fully grown adult dragons, I can’t really think of any place they live among ponies peacefully. I hope things work out for him.”
“I’m sure they will. He knows he’s gonna have some problems with that, but he’s on the right track.”
>”And once they get to know him, they’ll see that he can be a great friend. Just like you.”
“And a great boyfriend.”
>Sunset smirks. “Well, you’re on the right track at least.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
>The unicorn laughs to herself. “Come on, let’s keep looking around.”
>You explored the convention quickly, trying to make good use of the time you have there.
>Sunset drags you to catch the tail end of the Equestrian version of Atragon, where they unfreeze Manda and have a tense standoff while the sea dragon deliberates their fate before swimming back to the depths.
>He’s a lot more realistic than what you’d expect given the age of the film.
>It seems special effects developed more quickly in Equestria thanks to heavy use of magic.
>After the movie, you take some time to shop around.
>There's plenty of kaiju movie merchandise for sale, as well as other monster-related items, including some Naga merch being sold by a griffon.

2015-08-10 08:26:25 No. 24244474
>You quickly head to the Naga booth and pore over the Griffon’s wares.
>Sunset helps you pick out a sweet looking poster of a purple-scaled Naga with needle-like teeth and thick claws, as well as a probably overpriced figurine.
>Sunset seems pretty amused when you tell her Twilight doesn’t believe in them.
>”After everything she’s seen, she’s still that much of a skeptic? I wonder if it’s because Celestia taught us different, or if that’s just the way we are.”
“It’s more fun to believe.”
>”Yeah, I’m definitely in that camp. And real or not, they look pretty damn cool.”
>You browsed the dealer’s room for almost an hour until Sunset stopped you to go to an autograph signing by the actor who plays Manda.
>When you get into the autograph room, you see a short line leading up to a theater stage with an enormous purple sea serpent resting on it, sporting neatly coiffed orange hair and a long handlebar moustache.
“Wait, so that wasn’t… a costume?”
>”Not all of it. Why build a huge sea serpent from scratch when they already exist? A lot of the Kaiju in Equestrian films are played by real creatures.”
>”I was hoping you’d think it’s cool. You know, I kinda went through the same thing when I went to the human world.”
“There’s a lot to learn… but I like learning it.”
>Sunset nods knowingly. “Yeah, it can be a lot of fun…”
>”Plus we can lie to you about how things work to mess with you.”
“Farfalla tried to tell me she could eat food like a snake.”
>”Not too far from the truth. She can pack it away like nopony’s business.”
>A staffer calls out “Next!”
>You’re let through to see the Serpent laying with his chin resting on his left hand as he holds out his right towards Sunset.
>”Well good evening, you two! Steven Magnet, superstar. Having a good convention?”
>”Yeah…” Sunset squeaks out a few octaves higher than normal as she reaches out and shakes his hand.
>"Wonderful, wonderful." He says in a lilting voice before raising an eyebrow at you. “Say, have we met before?”

2015-08-11 12:34:43 No. 24248075
“I… don’t remember if we did.”
>He scratches his cheek thoughtfully. “Hmm. Maybe it was that night at… oh maybe not. Just deja vu I suppose. Well it’s nice to meet you anyway.”
>You take his hand and shake it as firmly as you can despite your size difference.
>”Could you sign this poster I bought?” Sunset asks politely, lifting out a long poster depicting dozens of Kaiju and unrolling it with her magic.
>”Sure thing! Who should I make it out to?”
>”I’m Sunset Shimmer!” She blurts out quickly.
>”Sunset Shimmer? That’s a pretty name. You from here or out of town?” He asks casually as he takes out a quill that looks like it came from a Roc.
>”Out of town. I grew up in Canterlot, but I’m staying in Ponyville because of… stuff.”
>”Oh, Ponyville? Love that place!” He sings. “Wonderful ponies, and the rivers in the everfree forest are just heavenly to swim in!”
>”It is pretty nice…” Sunset admits bashfully.
>”I should really find the time to go visit again, but my schedule’s just been puh-acked!”
>Sunset’s eyes widen in excitement. “Are you going to be doing more films?”
>”Oh, I wouldn’t want to say too much. You’ll see, you’ll see.” The serpent says playfully as he jots down his signature.
>”Yes, ponyville, nice place. In fact I think an old friend of mine moved there recently. He was a carpenter on some of the sets of Atragon. Donkey, bit of a grouch, ring any bells?”
“Wait, you don’t mean Cranky do you?”
>Steven turns to you quickly. “Oh, you know him?”
>His eyes dart to the side as he whispers, “Give me something else to sign so we can keep talking.”
>You fumble around and draw out your unrelated Naga poster for him to autograph.
“Uh, yeah. I know him. He’s been like a father to me actually. Helped me get on my feet and learn some skills to take care of myself.”

2015-08-11 12:35:51 No. 24248088
>”He is just the sweetest isn’t he.” Steven coos as he signs your poster rather slowly.
“Not the first words I’d use to describe him.”
>”So how about you then, what’s your story?”
“I’m… Anonymous. I’m a human, and I’ve lived in Ponyville for about 3 months.”
>”Human? Oh, that one…. that’s right, I think you’ve been in the news here and there. So, Mr. Human. Equestria been good to you?”
“Depends on where I go, but I still love it. Ponyville’s been amazing to me, and I’d never want to leave.”
>His mouth pulls into a slight grin. “Good to hear. It won’t always be so easy when you look a little scary like we do. But if you just keep smiling and remember who your friends are, you’ll go far, honey.”
“Thanks, I will.”
>”Say, how ‘bout a photo? Either of you bring a camera?”
>”I did!” Sunset quickly volunteers, lifting an instant camera out of her bag in a turquoise glow.
>He looks over your shoulders. “Line’s winding down, I think we’ve got time for something a little special. How ‘bout it?”
>”Sure!” Sunset agrees without thinking.
>”Then upsy-daisy!”
>Before you can think twice, the effeminate sea serpent scoops you both up in the end of his tail, coiling around you firmly and lifting you above his head.
>”Take it on three! One, two, three!”
>Steven puts on a fierce face and opens his jaws wide as the camera flashes and snaps a picture of him looking like he’s going to eat you two.
>He sets you back down gently and slides his tail back onto the stage.
>”That was awesome!”
“That was… something.”
>While you recover from the experience, Sunset shakes out the photo and slides it over to Mr. Magnet to get a quick signature before stowing it away safely.

2015-08-11 12:36:54 No. 24248096
>”Thanks a lot!”
>”Oh it’s my pleasure! Tell Cranky Stevie says hi!”
“Yeah, I’ll do that…”
>”Toodles!” He bids you farewell with a little wave as you walk off with Sunset.
>Without stopping to rest, you moved on to another part of the Con, checking out the displays they have set up, snapping photos together around the scale model neighpon, even slipping her the amulet to take a couple with both of you as humans.
>You try to pack as much into your evening as you can until you’re forced to run back to the train station.
>You almost don’t make it through the crowd, but Sunset manages to teleport you with her and catch the last train home minutes before it leaves.

Express Train to Ponyville, Night

“I forgot you could do that…”
>”Yeah…” Sunset wheezes. “To be honest though, I’m not as good as Twilight at it.”
“To be fair, she is an Alicorn.”
>”Well yeah…” Sunset pants as she takes a water bottle from her bag and guzzles it down halfway before offering it to you.
>”Mm. That’s better.”
>You guzzle down the rest of her water in one swig.
>”Anyway, thanks for taking me tonight. This was an awesome idea, Anon.”
“No problem. It was a pretty interesting experience.”
>”Steven Magnet turned out to be really cool. Glad you were there for that. Feels good hearing someone say everything’s going to turn out okay.”
>”Even if you’ll always stick out from other ponies, I think if a 40 foot sea serpent can feel welcome here, you shouldn’t have any trouble if you just keep at it.”
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