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2016-11-12 02:03:12 No. 28858812
"Myriad Worlds" Edition

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An extra chapter in the finished My Little Pony x Persona CYOA.

We only ask that you try not to forget.

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2016-11-12 12:32:24 No. 28861174
“You must have listened to the fear, bro!”
“Are Celestia and Shizuka the only ones even left in your world, Unborn? Did you even save anypony?”
“Yeah, and what happened to Nyarlathotep in your timeline?”
“Do you even know Anima Cristalla’s name?”
“Would you all SHUT UP FOR A SECOND?!” The Unborn one shouts.
“What don’t you idiots get about this?! I AM NOT. FROM. THEIR. WORLD!”
“I existed here! I was the heart inside you all, until you rejected me!”
“You all rejected the possibility that it could be me! You peeked inside the box and thought you saw a dead cat, so that became reality!”
“I was part of you, but that got erased because of you! You didn’t just erase my future, you erased my past! My existence! You made me NEVER HAVE HAPPENED!”
“I was fighting to save this world! That’s my Twilight! My Spike! My Rainbow Dash!”
“How do you not understand this?! How do you not understand the difference between a parallel world formed by a branching timeline and two realities existing in a superposition?! IT COULDN’T BE MORE SIMPLE!”
>”I think I’m more confused than I was before…” Dash mutters.
“Forget it! I don’t care if you people understand what you did to me or not! Because I’m going to fix it! I’ll make my dream a reality with the power of the Nightmare!”
>”As Twilight said… it’s their strong negative emotions that are powering them. They’re all in a position where they are consumed by them. But our hearts’ power is greater! Change, Baba Yaga!”
>The cackling witch gathers magical energy for the next supercharged spell!
>”Take it from here, Rarity!” Dash flies back, letting Rarity enter the field!
>The unicorn steadies her rain-bow, and fires an orange arrow at the bat-pony!
>Shizuka easily slips out of the way, leaving Rarity looking dejected.
>”Not a good first impression…”
>”I’ll help you out, Spike. Persona!”
>Nimue splashes holy water into Spike’s mouth, curing his silence!

2016-11-12 12:33:26 No. 28861178
>”Got it! Here goes… Ouroboros!”
>Spike’s dragon shoots out another fang, landing in the Unborn One to break his resistance to fire!
“Alright then, Myriad… wait, huh?”
>He looks at the watch now numbering 30.
“When did it go down?”
>”I believe it was some time during your rant.” Luna points out.
“Damn it… well it’s still more than enough! Unify Naginata!”
>The anons form into a giant green double-ended weapon!
>He charges Luna, slamming the massive blade into her!
>The archer tries another barrage of status-inflicting arrows, but none of them manage to land!
>Celestia lunges at Twilight again, managing to break through her defenses and wound her with her horn!
“Tia! That Hermit persona is weak to Ice and Lightning!”
><Twilight, are you okay?>

Luna: 77%
Rarity: 100%
Twilight Sparkle: 40%
Spike: 100%

Luna: 55%
Rarity: 100%
Twilight Sparkle: 75%
Spike: 90%

><Fighting three of them at once is dangerous… if her status attacks land, things could get really bad! But I’m sure the other me can’t take a lot of damage. If you want some breathing room, maybe you should just hit me as hard as you can.>

2016-11-12 02:49:31 No. 28862055
>”We hear you, Fluttershy. Unleash your full strength on your other self!”
><Shizuka… I’m sure you’ve endured a lot of hardships in your world. And I won’t say that your path, your existence is mistaken. But you do exist in this world where you’re happy.>
>”You and I are completely different!”
><This is true too. Our personas… the image of our heart is different. That much is proof. But even if I’m different, I am Shizuka. And I am Fluttershy. So I’ll show you the strength of our path!>
>The Breeze Needle shoots out, sticking in Shizuka with pinpoint accuracy!
><Eye of the Warrior! Senshigan!>
>A pink beam explodes out of Argus’s eye, burning away at Shizuka with pure energy!
>”I know you don’t want to fight us, Princess. Peter Pan!”
>Rarity’s persona tosses out a little fairy that swirls around Celestia’s head trailing sparkling fairy dust in its wake.
>The dust seems to cause the Nightmare Energy to weaken around her…
><It worked! You managed to charm her!>
>”I’d better heal… Nimue!”
>The Lady of the Lake splashes a handful of healing water at Twilight, repairing her injuries!
>”Spike, shall we show them the true power of the heart?”
>”You got it, Princess Luna! Ouroboros!”
>”Change, Merlin!”
>Ouroboros and Merlin let out streams of flame, converging on a single point to form a giant burning magenta heart!
>”Now, Spike! Let love’s fire become your power!”
>The dragon nods and takes a leap straight into the flames!
>Fire spirals and reshapes itself around Spike, concealed by the flames…
>It forms wings, a tail, claws, and a dragon’s face with shining emerald eyes!
>He lets out an earth-shaking roar and flies, charging through the three enemies as a massive fiery beast!
>Crashing through them, the fires of love flare up, burning them as Spike climbs, taking them high into the air!
>As the lovefire dragon continues to rise, Spike leaps out of it, falling back to the ground.

2016-11-12 02:51:10 No. 28862068
>He lands hard, his fist cracking the ground below as the dragon explodes into a flaming heart!
Team Up Attack: Charging Love Dragon!
>The Unborn one grits his teeth. “Damn… Light Magic really does hurt. But so does this!”
>He throws out his hand, commanding Nightmare Energy to form into swords around Twilight, raining down on her!
>She tries her best, but the attack comes from too many angles for her to block it!
>”I’m not done yet… Castor!”
>Shizuka’s persona fires out fang-tipped arrows that land on Spike and Twilight, resulting in them looking drained…
><She’s exhausted them! They’ll lose MP and take more damage if you don’t cure it.>
>Celestia seems to be doubting herself. “But what right do we even have to change things… after how much we’ve failed…”
“You know, Unborn, using schrodinger’s cat to explain branching timelines is kinda dumb.”
>He looks at the legion incredulously. “Are you- How did you dense motherfuckers ever solve anything? The branching timelines have nothing to do with the cat! They’re the branching timelines, I’M the cat in a superimposed state!”
“Not our fault you’re shit at explaining.”

><While they’re figuring that out, here’s your status…>
Luna: 77%
Rarity: 100%
Twilight Sparkle: 71% (Exhausted)
Spike: 100% (Exhausted)

Luna: 25%
Rarity: 95%
Twilight Sparkle: 60%
Spike: 50%

2016-11-12 08:04:34 No. 28863916
>”Rarity, Spike, drag Sunset and Pinkie in!” Luna orders.
>”Got it!”
>The two of them run out and a few seconds later, toss Pinkie and Sunset back in, still cowering in fear.
>”I’ll have you in fighting shape. Change, Solomon!”
>The wise Emperor raises his seal, and a white light rushes through the party, healing their body and mind!
>Pinkie shakes herself off. “Whew! Thanks for getting rid of The Fear. Here ya go, Luna!” Pinkie calls out, tossing a candy to the Princess.
>Sunset frowns as she looks to the nightmare-infused ponies. “So there’s a timeline where I die, huh?”
>”I’m so sorry… I couldn’t protect you from my shadow…” Celestia answers. “I see now I should have been trying harder. I should have been ready to fight, instead of being so afraid of hurting ponies.”
>”It’s… kinda scary, knowing that there’s a world where that happened. We might have been closer to it than I thought. We both let our guilt hold us back. But I’d never blame you for being the gentle pony I know you are. It’s your life, and nopony can tell you how you should be living it.”
>Sunset takes hold of the blade she inherited from Celestia. “So right now, I’ll show you just how far I’ve come in this world! Twilight!”
>”Gotcha! Let’s do it, Sunset!”
>”Henshin!” Sunset shouts, turning into her horned rider form!
>Sunset and Twilight’s horns glow, and they vanish in flashes of light!
>Sunset reappears behind the Unborn one and slams her leg into the side of his head, knocking him into Celestia!
>At the same time, Twilight warps next to the batpony and bucks her hard, knocking all three of them together!
>They grasp their blades and dash past them, striking with rapid flashes of steel!
>Together, they spin and kick the trio into the air!
>They fire beams of magic at each other’s blades, then soar up past them with a magically charged strike!
>Their horns glow and touch together, forming a bright star above them that rains down dozens of rainbow beams that pound them into the ground!

2016-11-12 08:05:36 No. 28863923
>”Now the finale!”
>”Hit it!”
>They flip in midair, kicking the star down to earth where it lands in an explosion of magical energy!
>As the light fades, they slowly float back to the ground.
>”Just like old times, huh Sunset?”
>”Easy for you to say… it’s getting hard to keep up with you, Princess.” Sunset groans, stretching her shoulders.
>As they start to pull themselves out of the crater, Shizuka stumbles.
>The Unborn catches her quickly. “Shizuka! You’re in bad shape…”
>”I’m not gonna disappear yet…” the Batpony grits her teeth, legs trembling.
“It’s okay. Leave the rest of this to us, Shizuka.”
>She looks up into his blank face and smiles.
>”Okay… you go get your happy ending, Nana-chan. My heart will be with you.”
>She kisses him on the lips before he gently carries her out of the crater and sets her down, turning back to face the Dream Team.
“What are you planning anyway?” one of the legion asks him.
“Are you gonna erase this Fluttershy and replace it with her? Isn’t she your fluttershy you’re erasing?”
“I’m going to figure that out once I’m done here.”
“Haha, edgelord doesn’t have a plan either.”
“That’s how we do it!”
“Shut up! Do you people ever stop talking?!”
“Dude he’s so mad…”
>Sunset grins. “You know, it’s kind of satisfying seeing someone else who thinks you’re all obnoxious for once.”
“I have more questions!”
“I don’t care! UNITE HAND!”
>The anons are forced into a giant power fist for the unborn one!
>He charges at Luna with another leaping punch, but she slips into the air, gracefully dodging it!
>”You’ve got a lot to learn if you want to fight me, child.”
>Princess Celestia charges Twilight, slicing at her with her horn before she can defend!
><Be careful, that combo takes a lot out of them to use!>

Luna: 100%
Pinkie: 100%
Sunset: 60%
Twilight Sparkle: 22%

2016-11-14 12:24:20 No. 28871989
>”You two have done well. Now go and rest. I’ll need Applejack and Rainbow Dash!”
>”Got it!”
>The two of them retreat as Luna summons forth the card of the Hermit. “Change, Baba Yaga!”
>The witch cackles in her chicken-footed hut, cooking up a new spell!
>Rainbow Dash quickly arrives on the scene! “I’m feeling this… ready to give it our all, Pinkie?”
>”All’s all I got to give! Catch!” Pinkie tosses her cannon to Rainbow Dash!
>”Get it, Thunderbird! Full Assault!”
>Dash’s persona lowers its legs and extends its arms to catch Pinkie’s golden party cannon, merging it with its body as dozens of hatches open along its form!
>Gunpods, cannons, fireworks and missiles fire indiscriminately, saturating the battlefield with a kaleidoscopic explosions!
“UNITE GUTS!” The Unborn one shouts, forming the anons into a protective barrier until the assault ends.
>When the smoke clears, a white present box with a pink bow lies at the Celestia’s feet…
>As he looks down, a shining white light pierces through the lid, singeing her as Apollo bursts out, swinging his lightsaber!
>”SURPRISE!” Pinkie shouts from afar!
>”You even try ta’ make fightin’ fun.” Applejack smiles as she takes her place on the battlefield. “Alrighty mister. You gonna do this the easy way, or am I gonna have ta’ give you a hooves on demonstration on how ta’ tie a hog?”
“I’ll take you up on that after I win!”
>Applejack smiles. “Well you got yer smart mouth at least. Paul Bunyan!”
>She bucks her card to pieces, summoning the mechanical giant to flex and grow to a frightening height!

2016-11-14 12:25:22 No. 28871995
“Sorry if this hurts... I have no choice!”
>Nightmare energy bursts out of the Unborn in dark tendrils, grabbing Pinkie and tossing her to the ground!
>She lands hard, but doesn’t go down!
>Celestia’s sharp gaze turns to Luna. “I’ve seen that one already. Raet-Tawy!”
>Her bird-like persona gives a mighty flap of its wing, raining red feathers on Luna that turn to flame!
>They burn her body, the pain bringing her to her knees!
>She follows up by charging at Pinkie in a flash, slamming her hoof into her chest hard enough to blow her straight through a dessert table and crash into a wall!
><Pinkie Pie! Are you okay?!>
>”Too… hurt… to quip…” she grunts, peeling herself out of the wall.
“Applejack’s weakness is Ice, got it, Tia?”
>”I won’t forget.”
><She’s still conscious, that’s good… some of those combinations use up a lot of energy. But the one you’re planning on uses Mana, doesn’t it?>

Luna: 58%
Rainbow Dash: 65
Pinkie Pie: 1%
Applejack: 100%

Luna: 90%
Rainbow Dash: 90%
Pinkie Pie: 50%
Applejack: 90%

2016-11-14 04:31:16 No. 28875180
>”It’s not time for that yet… very well then. Change, Artemis!”
>The huntress calls forth a snow-white wolf that charges at Applejack, merging with her to shield her from the cold!
>”You’ll never catch us! Thunderbird!”
>Dash’s persona swoops over the battlefield to unleash its magic, slowing the movements of the enemy!
>But the green dust falls over the Unborn one, a magenta aura flares up around him, blocking the spell!
“Shizuka… I won’t let your feelings go to waste!”
><He was completely unaffected…!>
>Pinkie grits her teeth, forcing her Persona card into existence before shattering it with her hoof!
>Apollo plucks at his lyre, the soothing melody restoring everyone’s health!
>”Let’s try this! Paulie!”
>The steel giant breathes out a tornado of rusty air, but that aura appears again to protect the Unborn!
“Nothing’s gonna slow me down!”
><Not just a one time thing then… Shizuka’s feelings really did strengthen him!>
“My turn… if I’m at level 4, Myriad Hearts!”
>His fist becomes engulfed in flame as he delivers a dashing straight punch to Pinkie Pie!
>Fire explodes outward from his first, but Pinkie quickly springs into the air, avoiding his punch and hovering by his head briefly before tapping him on the face.
>”Raet Tawy!” Celestia calls out her Persona!
>It sends a rain of blue feathers at Applejack that turn to sharp icicles, but the spirit of the wolf appears and guards against the attack for her!
“Those spells… she can negate their weaknesses, but Dash is still weak to wind!”
“Hey, unborn! Why do you think it’s so impossible for us to coexist?”
“You think we’ll really reject you? Or are you just doing this to try to punish us for forgetting you?”
>His expression wrinkles as he looks back at the legion.
“You think I should just believe you’ve changed your mind about me? After everything you did?”
“You all proved my existence wasn’t wanted in this world… that’s why the Nightmare Energy brought me here!”
“Because it knew I’d never be born otherwise!”

2016-11-14 04:32:46 No. 28875193
“If you want to convince me you want to help, where were you all this time I needed you?! Huh?”
“You weren’t interested in that. And Luna… she stopped dreaming about me, and would never end up creating a child through the Nightmare Energy.”
>”But I do want you.” Luna speaks out.
>”I would never reject you as you are. No matter the reason.”
>”I know how much it hurts… to be shunned, feared, to feel like you are not needed in the world. Better off dead, or not existing at all.” Luna says bitterly, holding her chest with her hoof.
>”If you reach out and are rejected, it can be difficult to forgive that.”
>”And the Nightmare Energy will tell a pony like that everything it needs to hear. It needs you. It needs ponies because it exists to fulfill their desires. And that can form a dangerous circle.”
>”It’s called co-dependency!” Pinkie adds happily.
>”I know you are my son! You are so much like me! Please, stop fighting and let go of the Nightmare!”
“I… no! I won’t stop now, everypony’s counting on me! I only exist because of the Nightmare Energy! You’re just trying to trick me so you can all forget about me again!”
>”Listen to yerself! We’re your friends, ain’t we? You really think we’d do somethin’ like that?” Applejack scolds him.
“You all just don’t understand… this is so I can make everyone’s dreams come true! If you’d just stop fighting and let me win, this could all be over, and none of you would remember it even happened!”
>”And you’re really going to fight us because of that?” Dash asks angrily.
>”It has its claws in him very deep. Do not forget it turned me against the one I loved most as well.” Luna reminds them. “We must prevail with the strength of our hearts, and then we can show him there is a place for him in this world.”
><I don’t want to fight him either. But we have to calm him down somehow. Here’s your status.>

Luna: 100%
Rainbow Dash: 100
Pinkie Pie: 100%
Applejack: 74%

Luna: 85%
Rainbow Dash: 85%
Pinkie Pie: 30%
Applejack: 85%

2016-11-14 10:28:22 No. 28877417
>”We’ll stop you with our full power. Rainbow Dash, let Rarity take your place!”
>”Right. Give ‘em hell, Rarity!”
>Dash swoops out of the battle, letting Rarity step forth to take the stage.
>”The power of Nightmare must not be used lightly. Such things are not meant for the hooves of colts! Peter Pan!”
>Rarity calls out the Satyr persona, turning its body into hundreds of glittering diamonds!
>They spread and spiral around the enemies, then contract in a spinning circle!
>The sharp diamonds saw into them, cutting through any and all resistance!
>”Time to light up your life! Apollo!”
>Pinkie’s persona gathers light between its hands, forming a buzzing laser sword!
>Apollo flies at the Unborn, slicing right through him, sending him sprawling on the ground!
>”Aww yeah!” Pinkie cheers, tossing out her golden party cannon. “And here we-whaoo!” She tries to buck it to fire, but misses and faceplants.
>”Cocky, you might be the least luckiest party cannon in all Equestria…”
>”Dontcha fret now, Pinkie Pie. We got this, don’t we, Princess Luna?”
>”Verily. Change, The Musketeers!”
>”YEEHAW!” Applejack bucks her card to pieces, summoning the gargantuan Paul Bunyun along with the diminutive three musketeers.
>The trio raise their swords and become shining blue energy, flying into the steel behemoth!
>His body glows electric blue as towering horns explode out of his head, his eyes becoming beacons of burning white light!
>The giant bellows and takes a mighty leap, soaring into the sky!
>He turns back, horns pointed straight down at his enemies, then fires to earth like an azure shooting star!
>You all brace for impact as he strikes the earth, crushing his foes beneath his sparking horns!

2016-11-14 10:29:24 No. 28877428
>”End this!”
Team Up Attack!
>Electrical energy erupts from his horns, the blue aura discharging into a column of brilliant blue lightning!
>When the last of the blue aura fades, the supercharged giant vanishes, leaving the Unborn and Celestia looking severely damaged.
>The Unborn pulls himself up, but Celestia seems to be having some trouble staying standing.
>”Heh… I have to say, it really does make me happy. Seeing just how strong my sister has become.”
>”And to think you’re the one worrying about me… your will to succeed far surpasses my own.”
“You can rest for now. I’ll take care of this.”
>She smiles, leaning in to kiss him on the cheek.
>”Perhaps my resolve wasn’t as strong as I thought… I’m not sure what I believe… but I do believe in you.”
“Yeah… I’ll do this. Like I said, I need to make things right!”
“Then you should let us help you, dummy! If we knew a way to give you a happy ending, you know we would! That’s what Anonymous was for! But he’d never get his ending at the expense of someone else, and you know it!”
>The nightmare energy around the Unborn one starts crackling wildly…
“You… that’s EXACTLY what you did!”
“You got your happy ending in exchange for mine!”
“Oh yeah?” One of them retorts, “Well we didn’t KNOW we were doing that because we’re idiots!”
“... what?”
“How can you blame us for this? We didn’t know! How could we know, you never existed!”
“Like that’s supposed to help?! You kill me off, and your excuse is that you’re an idiot so it shouldn’t count? If anything, that makes it worse! You’re all so ignorant to the consequences of your actions! You don’t deserve this world!”

2016-11-14 10:30:26 No. 28877436
>”Y’know, I can’t help feelin’ yer movin’ the goalposts on this a bit!” Applejack scolds him. “You ain’t dead, yer here right now, an’ they not only didn’t know they did somethin’ wrong, they’re offerin’ to make it right an’ all you want is revenge. You blame them fer not knowin’, but you won’t even sit down an’ explain it before tryin’ to fight things out. Why? Just ‘cause yer mad?”
>The Unborn one raises his hands up together, calling out “UNITE SWORD!”
>A green sword forms in his hands, and crackles with electric energy!
>He slices at Rarity, sending an electric shockwave through her that knocks her down!
“I was forced off the ride! While all my ‘friends’ went on ahead into the future!”
>The 51 legionnaires become floating 2-D screens, displaying scenes of your journey.
>Touching fists with Spike after helping him find his path...
>Embracing Derpy after the town came together to save her job…
>Holding Chrysalis as she died…
>Telling Trixie there was someone in this world who wanted her just as she was…
“Everyone I loved… everyone I cared about… I had to watch them all disappear!”
“Who wouldn’t be mad, DAMN IT!”
>The images swarm Luna, running straight through her!
>She winces and buckles slightly as the last of the images runs through her. “I certainly… feel your anguish. But the venom will never leave so long as you clutch the stinger so.”
><He’s grown even more powerful… but I don’t think he can keep this up. He’s not determined like before, he’s just hurt, and lashing out because of it. Please… help him.>

Luna: 54%
Rarity: 39%
Pinkie Pie: 80%
Applejack: 74%

Luna: 60%
Rarity: 70%
Pinkie Pie: 30%
Applejack: 55%

2016-11-15 12:19:39 No. 28880370
>“Applejack, Pinkie, head back for now. Rainbow Dash, Spike, to me!” Luna calls out.
>The earth ponies run out of range, letting Rainbow Dash and Spike into battle.
>”Artemis, heal my allies!”
>The goddess of the hunt shines with silver moonlight, rejuvenating the party!
>”Defend yourselves, we will prepare for the next strike!”
>Dash, Rarity, and Spike call out their personas to brace for the next attack.
“So you’re just a child throwing a tantrum, huh?”
“I don’t expect someone like you to understand!”
“You think you’re the only one who went through this? We were nothing too, but we were called back because we believed in our friends!”
“Liar! I know what you are… I know you have your own worlds! You got to see things through to the end! You got to say goodbye! I didn’t get any of that!”
“You’re only fighting for your own dreams!”
“That’s not true! This is… for everyone whose dream was forgotten! Everyone’s MYRIAD DREAMS!”
>He throws another barrage of dreams that pierce through Luna, but she takes the attack in stride.
>”What they’re saying is true… you have closed off your heart. Just as I did 1,000 years ago. That is why I can use the Wild Card freely, while yours is limited.”
>”You believe that you made it back by the power of your own heart. And you have convinced yourself that because you did not receive help, you did not need it..”
>”But none of that is true.”
“What are you talking about? I am the one who brought myself back… who else could have?!”
>”You did not get to see the miracles we created together. The power of our bonds. You have forgotten their power. And because you fight alone, you can not win.”
“I… I used to believe. But where did that get me...”
>”Then we will make you believe again. As my friends did for me. Let us show them the strength of bonds!”
><Understood. We won’t let the nightmare twist him any further!>

Luna: 70%
Rainbow Dash: 100%
Rarity: 100%
Spike: 100%

Luna: 45%
Rainbow Dash: 85%
Rarity: 70%
Spike: 50%

2016-11-15 02:30:09 No. 28881079
>”Change, Helene.”
>Princess Luna switches to the Ultimate Persona of the Lovers Arcana…
>”Yes… it’s here!”
>”Yeah, this is what we need!” Dash grins madly.
>”Ooh, I’m really feeling it now!” Rarity smiles.
.>Spike clenches his fists. ”I can feel my heart pounding… you guys too, right?”
>Luna nods as her Persona card floats in front of her. “We’ll show him that a single heart can not match the many hearts in harmony. With me!”
>All four of them shatter their cards at once!
>Helene lets out a cry, ice freezing over the ground and forming glaciers, dragging the dreamscape into a frozen tundra!
>The hostile cold calls forth a boreal wind as Pan plays his flute, wrapping the Unborn in a tumultuous blizzard!
>Wind brings in rolling stormclouds as the Thunderbird soars through them, lightning wrapping around its body!
>With a thunderous screech, it unleashes a white hot bolt from the heavens, searing the earth with its wrath!
>The incredible heat turns its surroundings to flame as the dragon of infinity gives a mighty roar, urging the flames to grow into a massive pyre!
>”This is the power of our unity!”
>Helene, Thunderbird, Peter Pan, and Ouroboros surround the Unborn on all four sides!
>Ouroboros’s mouth opens, charging a white sphere of plasma…
>Thunderbird unfolds its railgun, gathering a piercing bolt…
>Helene spreads her wings and cries out, forming a massive spike of ice in front of her…
>Peter Pan blows his pipes, generating a bullet of concentrated aether…
>”Harmony’s light... “
>”Rend the darkness asunder!”
>The four elements fire at once, converging into a shining ball white light!

2016-11-15 02:31:14 No. 28881081
>The light burns away at the black swirling Nightmare Energy surrounding the Unborn, causing him to cry out as it attacks the very darkness within him!
”Not… yet!”
“If I give up, I’ll stop existing…”
“If I stop fighting, I’ll disappear…”
“Legion, Unite up…”
“We refuse!”
“This world is ours as much as yours, unborn!”
“This is our truth! It’s time to open your eyes!”
>The Unborn one looks from his bracelet to the legion.
“You refuse? You can’t refuse! This power is mine!”
“Give it up. You’ve already lost this battle inside your heart.”
“I won’t let it end… Nightmare! Grant me your strength!”
>The blackness rises up around him, filling him with its energy!
><He’s still hanging in there… and now he’s charging magical energy! What will you do?>

Luna: 70%
Rainbow Dash: 100%
Rarity: 100%
Spike: 100%

Luna: 5%
Rainbow Dash: 45%
Rarity: 30%
Spike: 10%

>Luna grins knowingly. “There’s only one thing left to do, isn’t that right?”

2016-11-15 05:01:56 No. 28881998
>”Let this be our final strike! Change, Don Quixote! Rarity, Spike, bring me Applejack and Sunset!”
>The two of them retreat as AJ and Sunset charge in, leaving you with an Earth Pony, Unicorn, Pegasus, and Alicorn.
>”There’s no way we’ll lose!” Dash cheers!
>”Let’s unite our hearts as one!” Sunset shouts!
>”Nothin’s gonna stand in our way!” Says applejack as their four cards appear together…
>”This is the power one can only gain through the hearts of others! This is your final warning, Nightmare Energy. Release my son, or face the might of our hearts!” Luna calls out!
“We’ll just see who’s hearts are stronger!”
>”I couldn’t agree more. PERSONA!”
>”Applejack, we’ll start things off!”
>”Gotcha, Princess!”
>Don Quixote flies in behind the Unborn one as Paul Bunyan takes the front!
>The Knight’s windmill spins, kicking up a cyclone at the Unborn while Paul lets out a storming hurricane from his mouth, trapping him in the spiralling winds!
>”Now us! Henshin!”
>”Go high and Transform, Thunderbird!”
>Sunset takes an incredible leap, carried by her fiery wings as Thunderbird flies beside her!
>The masked rider flips in the air as the fighter shifts shape into a robotic humanoid!
>Sunset’s wings beat strongly, and Thunderbird’s boosters explode, sending them rocketing towards the trapped human!
>Fire and lightning streak after them, and their kicks collide with the force of a meteor, impacting with an explosively colorful sonic rainboom!
>”There is more still! Take it!” Luna shouts as her persona tosses its lance to Paul Bunyan!
>”Give it all you got, Paulie!” Applejack urges her Persona on, causing it to triple its size!
>”I gotcha too!” Dash says as Thunderbird folds back into a plane and swoops to Paul Bunyan’s back, latching onto him!

2016-11-15 05:04:08 No. 28882016
>Sunset lands, her body burning with phoenix fire!
>“We’ll pour our hopes and dreams into this drill!” She gathers shadow and flame into her right leg and kicks out, shooting it straight at the knight’s drill where it envelops it in a cloak of burning darkness!
>”Everyone’s hearts, give shape to Nightmare!” Luna calls out, the blob of crystallized Nightmare Matter flying into the drill and forcing it to grow to an impossible size!
>Paul Bunyan bellows and takes a stance with the drill over his shoulder!
>”This is the end!”
>Thunderbird’s boosters flare up a bright electric blue as Paul Bunyan leaps forward spinning!
>The admixture of flame and darkness envelops their entire form, painting them with a spiralling cloak of their hearts’ energy!
>Their combined forms streak through the dream, piercing tip aimed right at the Unborn one!
“I’ll meet that attack…”
>Dozens of images appear and line up, forming a 56-layer thick wall of moving pictures in front of him!
>The drill crashes into the wall, spinning and throwing out massive plumes of burning shadow as it tries to break through!
“I’m not going down… that easy!”
>”Then we’ll add the final push! Everypony, go!”

2016-11-15 05:05:15 No. 28882027
>Applejack leaps into the air, her golden horseshoe shining as she streaks towards their personas!
>Sunset jumps after her, her boots unfolding shining talons as she flaps her burning wings to propel herself forward!
>Rainbow Dash flies up and circles around, streaking towards the burning personas with her back hoof extended!
>Luna’s body shines silver as she zips into the air, then rockets towards them in a flash of moonlight!
>Their four kicks all strike at once, sending force surging through the drill!
>Images flash of all the adventures of the past upon the panes of myriad dreams…
>Playing in the snow with Applejack...
“I can’t lose…”
>Letting Dash confide in you in the Bath…
“I’ve had to fight to exist…”
>Walking hand in hand with Sunset Shimmer…
“And if I stop fighting…”
>Trying to convince Celestia’s shadow she was loved…
“What the hell is gonna happen to me…?”
>Convincing Trixie to make her own destiny…
>Promising Twilight to fill out your future together…
>Showing Rarity you still believe in her…
>Helping Fluttershy become comfortable with herself...
>Opening your home and heart to Gilda…
>Forgiving Celestia for the things she couldn’t forgive herself for...
>Bringing Cheerilee back together with her Sister…
>And telling Spike that a real man uses his power not to hurt, but to protect…
>All of these scenes and more play through the kaleidoscope of screens…
“It’s just…”
“Not right, damn it!”
>The screens begin to fracture!

2016-11-15 05:06:18 No. 28882031
>The cracks grow, spreading across the screens like spiderwebs until…!
>The images shatter to pieces as the drill pierces through the layers!
>It rips through his shield of dreams and surges forth, the flaming tip striking his heart!
>The drill’s flaming darkness floods over him, burning away at the tendrils of nightmare energy!
>All four of them land on the ground as the drill unleashes its full energy, pouring out into a pillar of burning shadow that pierces the heavens!
>When the chaos clears, the Unborn one is left on his hands and knees, struggling in vain to get up.
“Damn it… it’s not right…”
“I wanted to fight with you guys again…”
“Not against you…”
“I didn’t want this…”
“I knew it probably wasn’t going to be me…”
“I just wanted to see everypony again…”
“I just wanted to exist…”
“How did everything go so wrong…”
“I thought I was supposed to be the hero…”
>The bracelet shatters as his control over legion fades, causing all but 22 of the humans to vanish.
>Luna begins walking over to him.
“Don’t take it…”
“The Nightmare Energy is all that’s keeping me here. If I lose it… I’ll just disappear…”
>”I don’t think that’s true.”
>The Unborn one looks up.
>”I know your heart is strong… and I know the extent of the power of Nightmare Energy.”
>”I think there is something else that led you here. And if I’m right, then you do not need that dark power.”
“I don’t understand…”

2016-11-15 07:34:10 No. 28882920
“Isn’t it obvious? Come on, you just gotta believe in yourself.”
“You gotta have more faith in your heart than that! After all, you’re the ‘hero’!”
“We’re all by your side. And you’re one of us, if you want to be.”
“Shouldn’t you believe in your bonds, Hero? Come on.”
“I’ve been trying two years to get that hero license… Just pick yourself up, asshole. You’re not going anywhere.”
>He looks up, surprised.
“Can I really stay… without this power?”
>”You have a strong heart, my son.”
>”You must believe that you have the strength to remain in this world. If you do, then you don’t need that power.”
>She extends her hoof towards the Unborn one and waits for his response.
“Yeah… if I really am who I say I am, I shouldn’t have to rely on it to exist.”
“I don’t know what’s going to happen… but I can’t just bank on a sure thing. Taking risks and trying our best… that’s what it’s always been about.”
>He takes Princess Luna’s hoof, and the crumbling remnants of black aura flow along his arm, returning to Luna’s body.
“I’m… still here.”
“Perfect! Time to grit those teeth!”
>One of the anons walks straight into a shimmering forcefield projected by Luna.
>”Don’t bully your little brother.” she scolds.
>”Besides… don’t you realize the real reason he’s here tonight? The real reason he was able to come to this world?”

2016-11-15 10:30:32 No. 28884108
“Because it’s Nightmare Night? Because the boundary between dreams and reality is thinner?”
“Because we wanted to see Anon again?”
“Was he called here? Like how you called us?”
>”That is correct.” Luna answers.
>”On this day where dream and reality are closer than ever… you called out for him.”
>”The Nightmare Energy seeks to grant wishes. Desires.”
>”It wasn’t the strength of his own heart that made him exist. It was your dreams. Your desire to see things continue. Your desire for another enemy to face. And your desire for a fellow brother to take up the role of the Magician.”
“I’m here… because they wanted me?” The unborn asks hesitantly, trying to understand.
>”It was a number of factors. But the strength of their hearts is something truly incredible. Their ability to shape reality with their dreams.”
>”If they did not desire it… you probably would not have been able to come through.”
>”To borrow one of your favorite analogies… there must be someone to confirm whether or not the cat is dead or alive. An observation to collapse the waveform.”
“You make it sound like they’re gods…”
>”They are not nearly that powerful. Their dreaming hearts can simply move the pieces of the chessboard at times. They can not make a Knight move like a Queen, but the ways they can use that Knight are myriad.”
“I… I knew some of that. But I never… I thought it was the Nightmare that brought me. I was so sure they hated me, I didn’t even stop to consider that I might be here because they really wanted me here.”
“I’m sorry, everyone. I gave into the fear.”
>”If anything, they should be apologizing for you as well. Their strong desire for an enemy is part of what twisted you into arriving like this.” Luna points out.
>"And the rest... I suppose is my fault as well. You all have my deepest apologies for letting things get to this point. If you feel the need to take your anger out on somepony, I ask that you take it out on me. My poor son has taken enough punishment tonight, I think."

2016-11-16 12:09:22 No. 28884608
“Sorry about that, little bro.”
“Can’t really fault you. No hard feelings, bro.”
“We’re sorry too.”
“Come on, I can’t punch you, they’d never forgive me!”
“So you’re saying it’s all your fault?”
“Hey, we all share the blame for this. Just because she didn’t keep an eye on us doesn’t mean we didn’t start this whole thing.”
>”No, I believe I may have started this whole thing.”
>”It is my duty to keep the Nightmare Energy from damaging this world or its creatures.”
>”I saw the warning signs as it became quiet and distant... but I failed to interpret them correctly.”
>Luna gets a wistful look on her eyes. “That force… it is something ancient. Something older than words.”
>”It doesn’t understand the right way to communicate with ponies. So misunderstandings arise.”
>”Like I said, it isn’t evil. It only seeks to grant our desires.”
>”At least, that’s… how it usually works.”
>”I’m the one who failed to understand the feelings of the Nightmare Energy.”
“It’s feelings?”
>”It’s so used to acting on the desires of others.”
>”Ever since the beginning of time, it has only granted the wishes of others. Giving shape to the ideas that others have dreamt.”
>”And now, for the first time in existence… it had something that it wanted for itself.”
>”One single selfish wish. Something easy to forgive.”
>”It wanted a son. It wanted to experience that feeling it couldn’t understand. The joy of creating life with another.”
>”It was excited by that dream, and when it was clear that my heart had stopped desiring that future, it felt sadness.”
>”The Nightmare closed its heart off from me, seeing that I wouldn’t wish for what it wanted.”
>”I had already experienced that joy. And I was so consumed with everything we’ve been doing, the thought of making that child a reality hadn’t even crossed my mind.”
“This is interesting and all, but… what about those two? Are they going to be okay?”
“We can save them too, can’t we?”
>Everyone looks to Shizuka and the other Celestia.

2016-11-16 12:11:36 No. 28884622
>The dark nightmare energy around them has grown calm, barely a flickering shadow now.
>The Unborn one runs over.
“Tia, Shizuka! I can’t… rewrite everything like I promised. But… maybe there’s still a way!”
>The other Celestia smiles and shakes her head. “No, I am afraid this is where we part.”
“Don’t be so sure! The power of their hearts, it can do anything, right?”
>Shizuka takes his hand in her hoof and gives a smile that shows her cute little fangs. “We did this because we wanted to help you first. Somepony who’d lost their existence. But unlike you… we do have our own worlds.”
“But your world is all… it’s not happy there, right? Sunset’s gone, and all that other stuff must have happened…”
>”It may not be ideal. But it is our world. And we must all accept the consequences of our actions.” Celestia replies calmly. “It was by accepting my mistakes that I was finally able to gain this power. I can only tell you how overjoyed I am to see that there is a world where everypony is living happily everafter.”
>Shizuka touches her chest. ”And even if some ponies are gone… their hearts are still with us. It’s our duty… for their sake, to keep moving forward in the face of all that darkness. And to do it together with all our friends.”
>The Celestia of the dark timeline looks to her other self across the room.
>”Only one Celestia can exist in this world. And even if she hasn’t found her answers yet… I know you’ll help her find them.”
>Shizuka looks over at Fluttershy, who is now panting on the ground in exhaustion from the long battle.
>”I don’t know if you’re me or not. If we became somepony new, or if you’re just both of us at once.”
>”But I do know you’re strong enough to protect your friends.”
>Shizuka blinks, and her eyes turn back to gentle blue.
>”Ganbatte ne?” The Fluttershy from the other world smiles.
>”H-Hai… ganbaritsudzukemasu wa…” your own Fluttershy answers with a shaky smile.
>"I suppose this is goodbye." Celestia smiles. "See you in your dreams."

2016-11-16 02:06:26 No. 28885110
“I suppose we must accept our consequences… even if it means goodbye.”
>The Unborn one pulls Fluttershy and Tia into a hug.
“Thanks for believing in me.”
>”You acted right in the end, just as I knew you would.” Tia smiles, nuzzling his cheek.
>Some of the other humans get in on the hug, squeezing Tia, Fluttershy, and the Unborn one into a big group hug.
“Gaahh! Stop, it hurts! Why does my body hurt so much!”
>”It seems a bit out of shape. And you did take quite a beating. I’m surprised you’re still standing at all.” Luna says as she approaches the two called forth by the Nightmare.
>”Take care of me.” Celestia says.
>”And you of me.” Luna replies, closing her eyes and shining her horn to draw the dark Nightmare Energy from their bodies.
>As the last bit of the energy escapes their bodies, they softly fade away.
>Luna’s horn shimmers, and the dreamscape in the ballroom clears up.
>The new brother slumps to the ground, Luna quickly catching him.
“I’m fine… just really exhausted.”
>”Yeah, I bet…” Spike grins. “That guy’s body didn’t really move much unless we told him to. You might have been pushing it a bit.”
>”So… what’s up with you anyway? Or, the Magician… what happened?”
“There were many hearts that made Anonymous. But some of them… accepted the fate of returning to their own world. I took the Fool’s key first, but l did not see any claim the magician before I left. The magician’s key was the final one left.”
“No one was there to see if the key was taken or not. If the cat lived or died.”
>”Got picked last, huh?”

2016-11-16 02:07:29 No. 28885111
“Hey, don’t be like that!”
“You were my second choice!”
“Me too!”
>”Hey, it’s okay. If there really were only 21 that stayed, somepony had to get left behind, right? Doesn’t matter if you didn’t pick my key, you’re my friends. That’s what really matters.”
>Spike looks over to Luna’s son. “It sounds like everyone here wants you to stay. I always got the feeling my guy wasn’t all there. So this is all fine by me.”
“Thanks, Spike. You’ve always been a real bro. Or I guess, in a way we’re kinda cousins now, huh?”
>”Cousins, friends, brothers, it’s all good. But… what do we call you now? I think Unborn One is kind of a drag. And I dunno if you’re really the magician.”
>”It fits the symbolism decently.” Luna observes “One with talent and capability, filled with potential and power used to bring about change. But I suppose ultimate naming rights fall to me as his mother.”
>”Still… I have always felt good about having input and discussion on difficult decisions.”
>”So why don’t you all tell me what you think?” Luna asks the humans sweetly.
“What? You can’t let them name me, they’ll name me something ridiculous!”
>”I am still the one deciding.” Luna reassures him. “But I’d like to hear their thoughts. Go on then. What should we call him from now on?”

2016-11-16 02:17:18 No. 28887666
“How about Magus? Since he’s not really the Magician anymore.”
“How about Bob?”
“How about shi-”
“Hey, not in front of mom!”
>”I suppose I like Magus… but maybe a bit more than that. A proper Equestrian name.”
>”Yes, I think I have it.”
>”Everyone, please allow me to introduce my son. The child born from the Nightmare Energy and I. I would like you all to welcome Prince Dream Magus into this world.”
>”Nice to meet you! I guess we’re getting even more royalty around here.”
>”Good to have you with us!”
>”Welcome to Equestria!”
>”Hello, and Happy Birthday!” Pinkie cheers
>”It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
>”Howdy. I’m sure we’ll get along just fine.”
>”Nice to meet you. I’m leaving tomorrow morning, but I’ll see you when I visit.”
>”Pleased to make your acquaintance, darling. I hope you’ll let me make some outfits for you now.”
>”I’m very glad to meet you, my Nephew. I hope you enjoy your new life in Equestria.”
“Hey, how come he gets to be a prince?”
“We’re your sons too, right?”
>Luna smirks, “Because he is not adopted. And he actually has a father.”
>“You’re still all my brothers.” says Magus.
>”I hope you can all tell me about everything I missed…”
“If you want to catch up, just read this.” The Fool hands him a thick leather tome reading “My Little Persona”
>”Geez, was that adventure really this long?”
“Took me long enough to finish it.”
>”It’s nice to see that you did.” Says Luna. “Have you given thought to what you’ll do next?”
“I’m considering a story set in an apocalyptic Equestria where everypony we love has died horrific deaths.”
>The mares look at him with cold silence.
“Except Derpy.”
>”That’s… interesting.” Luna smiles.
“So… is this going to keep happening? Are we going to keep drawing threats to Equestria because of our dreams?”
>Luna looks up through the window at the white moon.
>”No, I doubt it. It is because the boundaries of our world are weakened on this day that you called forth such an event. As well as the Nightmare’s own desire fueling it.”

2016-11-16 04:26:32 No. 28888473
“Right, so annual battle for the fate of Equestria!”
“22 reaper fight!”
“Yearly tournaments!”
>Luna touches her hoof to her forehead. “I feel you are missing the point… but I suppose that nature of yours is irrepressible to the very end.”
“I think we’re all done fighting for tonight though…”
“Yeah, I got some drunk ladies and a lonely pup waiting for me.”
“Gilda releases more than a bit of tension whenever she drinks, so I probably won't be seeing anyone tomorrow.”
>”I suppose we should say our goodbyes then.” Luna smiles sadly. “I know you’ve all got lives to get back to, but it was wonderful seeing you all in one place again.”
>”And for all the chaos it caused… I’m glad this happened tonight. I’m sure now that we’ll all never forget our dreams.”
>”And from now on, I’ll be certain to consider the feelings of the Nightmare Energy. That’s why I was thinking… maybe we should try a new tradition.”
>”What sort of tradition, sister?” Celestia asks.
>”I think on this night, we should all make a wish… a dream that we want to come true.”
>”It might make the Nightmare Energy happy to hear what dreams we have for the coming year. Are the other ponies still in the castle, or have you sent them away?”
>”They’re still here.” Celestia confirms. “I brought them somewhere safe, but I can bring them back if you like.”
>Luna nods. “What say you all then? Shall we gather and declare our dreams for the coming year before we part? Big or small, practical or outlandish, whatever your heart seeks, just speak and see if your heart can make it a reality by next year.”
>"And then... it will be time to say goodbye."

2016-11-16 09:21:58 No. 28890591
“Yeah, let’s do it!”
“Great idea!”
>”Very well then. Sister, bring them here.”
>Celestia goes and gathers everyone back into the ballroom.
>They’re all overjoyed to see that everyone is okay, Cheerilee getting particularly little weepy in her drunkenness.
>Luna explains the situation and introduces her new son, then tells them of the new tradition.
>While the drunk and exhausted ponies try to think of their wishes, the many humans go on to enumerate theirs first.
>Death springs up off the floor shouting,
“World domination! Soon all will bow bef-“
>Death’s wild gesticulations are brought to an abrupt halt as Justice slaps him in the back of the head, cutting his monologue short.
“Like hell you will, choose something more reasonable.”
>He says as death rubs the back of his head pouting.
“Come on just a little world conquest, you know it’d be fun”.
>”I think we may have Discord’s old headband in a closet somewhere…” Luna muses.
“Okay, fine! I want to read lots of fiction of questionable quality and talk about it with someone…”
“Gotcha covered there.”
“And I want to waifu the nightmare forces.”
>”I’m surprised you haven’t attempted to ‘waifu’ gravity.” Luna says dryly.
“I wish to retain my determination to accomplish my goals, to better myself in body and mind, and to never forget the times we shared together.”
“I’d like to finish writing out this story I was thinking about, and give my Sunbutt a life-reaffirming kiss.” Says Empress.
>A golden glow surrounds him as Tia lifts him up and presses his lips to hers.
>”I’ll grant that wish any time.”

2016-11-16 09:28:58 No. 28890624
“Uh, I’d really like to earn my place as a hero.” Justice continues. “To be a cool man like Spike. And uh, maybe get with a nice Zebra...”
“I hope business takes off. And I’d like to get along with our new bro.” Star nods to Magician.
“I want to do something memorable with my life.” Fortune shrugs.
“I wish to see and aid all my friends and brothers in their endeavors.” Hermit smiles amicably.
“I want to see us all in a brand new adventure alongside each other.” Devil grins.
“I wish for the courage to propose to Trixie,” Tower begins, “for good-”
>”Wait, what!?” Trixie exclaims “Propose? You’re going to…”
>”You dumbass!” Gilda scolds him. “What do you think you’re doing?”
“Uh… shit.”
“Oh god this is amazing.”
>”It-it’s okay! Trixie… won’t remember this tomorrow.” She says, trying not to make eye contact. “Trixie is very drunk.”
“Way to go, Tower. Anyway, I don’t really feel like wishing. I’m happy where I am, and if I want something I’ll work for it.” Lovers shrugs.
“I just want us to be happy together. To laugh together for as long as possible. That’s all I want.” The Hanged Man answers.
“My dream for the coming year is to finish that story I’ve been working on, and to make advancements in my study of, err, Neighponese. And to get back in with college.”
“My wish is to form new bonds this year.” Says the Magus. “I’m finally in this world, and I can’t wait to get to know as many ponies as I can. Most of all though, I’m gonna try to enjoy life to the fullest.”
>Luna seems satisfied. “I suppose that’s all the humans that are going to speak up for now? Very well, how about everypony else?”

2016-11-16 09:30:31 No. 28890632
>”I wish to keep supporting Twilight, and to have a lot of great adventures with all my friends, and a happy and healthy life with Rarity.” Spike says, giving the unicorn a nuzzle.
>”I wish to see everyone here come into their own, and to see the humans become more and more accepted by Equestria.” Says Twilight.
>”I dream for the continued prosperity and happiness of all Equestria.” Celestia declares. “And… perhaps a little more ‘leisure’ time this year, if I could be so bold.”
>”I wish for a pay raise!” Cheerilee says a bit loudly. “I want a bigger place for me and Hierophant… maybe we can start a family and all…”
>”I think… yeah, I think he’s right about wishing... If I do that, I feel like I’m saying I’m not confident enough. But I am going to kick some ass at this year’s National Dessert Competition.” Gilda says boldly.
>”And I’m gonna kick some ass at being a mother!” Dash says, patting herself on the chest. “Although… I guess if I have a wish, I’d like to wish for it not to be as painful and gross as Mrs. Cake says it is…” She whispers.
>”I don’t have any wishes, I’ve got everything I want!” Derpy says innocently. “So I guess I wish that things keep going the way they’re going.”
>”I wish for the good health an’ prosperity of mah family.” Applejack says simply.
>”Can I just wish for a normal life? Things are so crazy in the other world…” Sunset grumbles.

2016-11-16 09:35:33 No. 28890657
>”I wish for good luck in my business with the Umaguchi, and to regain our former glory.” Fluttershy smiles.
>”I wish for my fame and renown to spread across all Equestria, no, all the planet!” Trixie says in grandiose tones. “And… also that Tower finds his courage.”
>”My dream is for the success of my new Manehattan and Canterlot branches of Carousel Boutique!” Rarity says, leaning on Spike for support. “I also wish to never have to drink that vile concoction Zecora made ever again.”
>”I wish to see my children continue to thrive… and perhaps to learn to better… connect with regular ponies.” Farfalla says a bit awkwardly.
>”Imma wish to not get super burned out with college before I finish!” Pinkie Pie decides.
>”And I wish to watch as all of you pursue these dreams and make them a reality.” Luna finishes.
>”With that… I believe we’ve all said our wishes. It was a great pleasure to see you all again this year. Thank you for staying by my side for so long. And I hope to stay by yours forevermore. So with that… until next time.”
>”Yeah, see ya!”
>”See you around!”
>”Until we meet again.”
>”See you later!”
>”Take it easy!”
>”Catch ya later!”
>”I’ll look forward to it!”
>”See ya ‘round!”
>”See you next year!”
>”Mata ne~!”
>”We’ll meet again!”
>”Au revoir!”
>”Fare thee well, my friends.”
>”See ya laters alligators!”
>”Yes… until next time. The story of our lives is perpetually to be continued.”
>”For the ride… may never end.”

2016-11-16 09:55:54 No. 28890808
Thank you all for reading and joining us in this DLC Reunion thread! I wish you all the best in the coming year.

If you wish to read more of my work, I have indeed written two short stories set in the Fallout: Equestria universe, and am in the process of writing a longer one. The first one contains ending spoilers for Fallout Equestria if you haven't read it. Those of you who have me on steam can bug me for the WIP story (which is based on the first pastebin) if you want to see it/give me feedback.

Probably. For now, I'm open to questions, adding people on steam, whatever we want to do with the rest of this thread.
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