Something has always bothered you as a historian; Equestrian history has always seemed a little too perfect, a little too sterile, almost like it's being censored. You're going to find out why.
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Our true adventure will begin momentarily. Please enjoy the first cryptic exposition posts.

>You awaken to the sounds of silence.
>Your head is ringing, and in your mouth, there is naught but the metallic taste of your own blood.
>You can't remember what happened, or how you got here, or even why the smell of death permeates the air.
>But for the moment, none of that concerns you, for something far more frightening has occured.
>You have forgotten you.
>Your name, your purpose, your favorite color, even what you had for diner last night: all of it gone.
>You don't even know why this causes you to panic, and that only makes you panic more.
>But you calm yourself.
>Looking around, you don't notice immediately notice anything reflective, just mounds of snow, in a vast, cold landscape of white.
>So, for now at least, your appearance is out of the question.
>But maybe if you focus hard enough, you'll at least remember your name.
>And once you've got that, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out what your purpose in life is.
>You bring yourself to stand, every muscle in your body crying out in agony.
>Pieces of dented metal dig into your skin, and you're sure at least one of your legs is broken, but that's not what you're worried about right now.
>Right now you're focused on but two things.
>W H O A R E Y O U
>W H A T I S Y O U R P U R P O S E

>For a moment your mind goes blank, but quickly your thoughts are your own again.
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