After helping his friends Tirek and Discord escape from Tartarus, Anon is given a reward in the form of three alicorn princesses-the very ones who had him imprisoned...
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>Tirek’s plan never had a chance to get off the ground. Apparently thought-crime is a thing in magical horse land.
>As for you? wouldn’t say what you did was THAT bad. Objectively, maybe a decade or two in jail from a human court….including parole, of course.
>Nothing worthy of literally going to hell.
“Yea, but, even so, this is kinda...practically nothing.”
>”I swear, he SHOULD fall for it. He IS a dog, after all.” Discord turns his nose up, floating behind you on his back.
>Tirek facepalms and growls out, “He has THREE heads, not ONE you buffoon. If I had been the one to break out, I would have taken care of Cerberus immediately!”
>Discord’s lackadaisical mood shatters.
>In an instant his face-just his face, mind you-hovers inches in front of Tirek, steam shooting out of his ears as he snarls out, “I was focusing on making sure we KEPT our freedom, you geezer! It wouldn’t matter WHAT I did to him if the Elements-”
“Guys, shut up before he hears you!”
>You grab Discord by a horn and pull his head back onto his body, giving it a little spin to screw it back in place.
>You may not be able to feel him, but he certainly reacts as though he were solid.
“Yea, alright, he didn’t do everything perfectly. Can you BLAME him for going a little crazy and having fun, Tirek? It’s not exactly like the three of us have had much to do down here. At least he tried.”
>Those last words feel a little hollow as you gaze back down at the object in your hands.
>”I...suppose so. If this works, Discord, we will be forever in your debt.”
>”Only one way to find out. Anon, will you do the honors?”
>The draconequus appears in front of you wearing a suit and tie.
>He bows over dramatically, his eagle arm outstretched.
>You look at your two friends, the only companions you’ve had during your long, long life and sigh.
“Well, here goes nothing.”
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