After helping his friends Tirek and Discord escape from Tartarus, Anon is given a reward in the form of three alicorn princesses-the very ones who had him imprisoned...
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2015-11-26 06:46:48 No. 25552804
So! Long story short, Crystals and Collars is taking a small break, due to the other writefags coming down with a minor case of “real life.” If there’s any interest, I have something in store for all you non-Amerifats (or American Anons who are as ronery as I am). A small story/CYOA that I’m going to try and update as frequently as possible over the next few days. It isn’t going to be as polished as normal, but hey, I want to try something different.

>Shut up and just finish Safeword, Olibird.
No. You want content or not?

”Alright, so you’re sure this will work?”
>You stare at the object in your hands, supposedly the key to your freedom after all these centuries.
>The translucent draconequus shrugs as he floats before you, “I’m as sure as I am of anything, Anon.”
>In other words, not very.
>”You promised us the key to our escape, Discord! This is...this is a mere toy!” the ancient centaur on your right spits out.
>Poor Tirek.
>You both discovered that immortality is one of the few ‘perks’ that comes with being banished to Tartarus-to ensure your eternal torment isn’t cut short-but at least you have your youth.
>Your best friend here showed up as an old man, and that was how he stayed.
“He’s got a point, Discord. You could have made us a rocket launcher, or a flaming holy sword, or something. This is just...sad.”
>”We’ve been over this, that there wasn’t a whole lot I could do to affect this place while the SISTERS were still around. You’re lucky I managed to create THAT!”
>You and Tirek both make a face as the projection of your other best friend brings up the ones who quite literally sent you three to hell.
>The fun thing is, best as you can remember, Discord was the only one of your trio who ever actually DID anything worthy of an eternity of torture.
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