You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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>Emerald asks for an aging potion, but ultimately decides against it because of the cost.
>Joyride mentions needing help getting the mushrooms for her Libido Potion.
>Emerald decides to start learning Goat Magic, and even finds some of Joyride's old spellbooks.
>Emerald buys a spellbooks as well as a book on focuses so that Joyride can make him one.
>Emerald returns to Hope's place and makes a cake, as well as having a nice conversation with Delilah.
>Hope doesn't come back from work she said she would, and Emerald freaks out.
>He writes a message to Hope and sends it via dragonfire, then returns to Joyride's place.
>She coaxes him into a milking.
>Hope ends up being okay, and sends him a letter.
>Joyride agrees to make a focus out of his spellbook (as well as one additional focus).
>Emerald returns to Hope's and finds out that she is leaving for a relief effort in the warzone.
>They spend their last night together before Emerald sees her off at the Ponycare HQ.
>Joyride is there too to say goodbye.
>QM gets sick and fails to update the thread before it crashes below Page 10.

Story continued next post...
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