You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-01-11 10:36:03 No. 26080789
I'll try to come up with something better tommorow, it's late and I really need sleep.

Also, Ruby is a qt.

2016-01-11 10:13:18 No. 26080556

Bread, vegetable cans/jars, trail mix, etc. Things that will stay good while on the road.

2016-01-11 10:16:47 No. 26080580
Stuffed mushrooms. Those are the fuckin' bomb, son. Uh, a vegetarian version, maybe. Or maybe not Maybe some candied rose petals for dessert? Rose petals coated in a thin coat of crunchy sugar, like candy apples sort of. That sounds like a good pony treat, right?

2016-01-11 10:40:12 No. 26080827
I for one kinda want to make a breakfast burrito. Easy to make, portable, delish, etc. etc.

Also, that op pic is the best, not gonna lie family.

2016-01-11 10:54:26 No. 26080962
I think he was saying that you (Ass)/(leg width) ratio made the character's look weird.

I kinda get what he was saying.

We should make steak.

2016-01-11 11:18:08 No. 26081127



(Last for the night!)

Emerald looks around at some of the food. He mostly wanted to grab food for just tonight and maybe breakfast tomorrow, but he is looking at some of the snacks nearby and they look pretty delicious. He grabs some simple trail mix and some candied flower petals, as well a small box of turkish delights. The latter mostly because Ruby had no idea what they were.

Emerald asks what Ruby is feeling like for dinner.

"Huh? Oh uh... Jeez, no one's really asked me that before. Hmm..." Ruby finishes, scratching her head.

Emerald suggests sandwiches perhaps?

"Eh... I'd rather have something warmer than that."

Next the Colt suggests stuffed mushrooms, or perhaps some burritos.

"What are burritos?" Ruby says tilting her head.

Emerald says that they are some sort of wrap that a unicorn chef made that was inspired by traditional donkey food. It's essentially a flatbread made of finely grown wheat flour filled with pretty much whatever you want.

"Whatever I want huh...?" Ruby says, staring off into space with a smile.

Emerald giggles and then suggests maybe steak instead?

"And what is steak...?" Ruby says, coming out of her reverie.

Emerald explains that it's meat. Cow meat, he thinks. Ruby turns a disgusted nose at this and he laughs. He then remembers that Joyride ate meat around him, and mentions this to the filly.

"Joyride is such a weirdo!" Ruby says rolling her eyes, "Let's just do the burrito thing. That sounds good."

Emerald buys some beans and cheese, as well as some veggies and eggs. He feels like he has enough food to last the night now.

What does Emerald do next?
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