You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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(Last for the night.)

Emerald gets the idea of giving her a formal greeting via jumping out and scaring her, but then he thinks of the probable consequences and decides to stay hidden... Maybe he can find a way to sneak back and-

"How dare you keep me waiting! Get out here now, and greet me properly!" Papillon says to no one in particular while stamping a hoof. After a few seconds she says, "I know you are here, don't make me tell my daddy!"

Gritting his teeth slightly, Emerald gets out of rose bushes and walks over to the filly. When he gets close he bows to her.

"I said greet me properly!" Papillon commands, glaring.

Emerald bends down and kisses her hooves. He doesn't stop until the filly brushes him away and says, "Okay, okay. These are brand new and I don't want you scuffing them. Get up."

Emerald does so, and she continues, "But what's this? I thought I saw you hiding among the roses. Here I thought you were getting me flowers. Have you no manners? You disappoint me. Go, get me one now."

Emerald does so, and after rushing back he hands it to her, at which point she slaps him.

"You think this rose will do? Go get me one that matches my beauty!"

Emerald goes back, wishing he could find a rose in the shape of a butt, since that's what her beauty reminded him of. Instead he pretends to spend a lot of time looking. Partly because he wants to be away from her and partly because it gives the impression that he actually cares. She seems pleased with the flower he returns with, and then says,

"I grow bored. Entertain me."

What does Emerald do?
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