You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-01-14 10:49:30 No. 26113600
>emerald doesn't mention how much he sucked on papillon's pussy and then got on top of her and give her little cunt it's first pounding
fixed it just for you

2016-01-14 11:03:58 No. 26113703
Oh my god her face.
This slut wants it bad.

Whisper in her ear and tell her the ending of that scene involved two stallions that way she might try to involve the guard and we can steal his keys.
I'm only worried that we might have to do a will check to steal keys while boning we'll probably wont pass.

I say we just slowly reel Ruby into our world and see if this get's her started. Maybe she'll want to reenact the story of the pirates too. shes already a dirty peeper who looks at stallions in the showers.

Is it just me or are all the girls we meet pervs in one way or another.

2016-01-14 11:08:03 No. 26113732
Emerald asks the guard for his name. Then ask papillion if her daddy will punish the guard if she asks him to because he didn't do what she said.
looks like the guard now has a reason to leave.

2016-01-15 12:53:05 No. 26114473
Did people serious forget that there was a willcheck to cum while wearing the ring?

2016-01-15 12:26:16 No. 26114312

Doubt it. Emerald probably gets it put on because he fucking floods Papillon, and his step mother freaks out about it because only she wants to control how his sperm is spent.


Here, OP (and others). Allow me to give you a decent direction for this flashback, and the excuse to put Emerald in the ball ring/ejaculation-prevention device:

The guard leaves Emerald and Papillon alone; he does this after a bit of coercing from the filly and is finally convinced when Emerald also plays the snobbish royal and insists that if they're afraid of what Papillon's parents from another castle could do to them, just imagine the wrath of his own parents for disobeying the young Master. They wouldn't want to cause an inter-noble incident because they offended the play date of Emerald or ruined his time.

The guard scrambles away, and keeps the other guard out as well. Papillon is a bit taken back by Emerald's hint of snob-posh, and finds herself giving a little wink from more than just the book. Emerald climbs over her, telling her to read along with him; of course the little filly tries her hardest to keep up her charade. He whispers to her, pretending to read over her shoulder as he mounts, abut how the pirate takes the princess as his. Eventually the reading stops as he slides in; Papillon attempting to mutter condescending things as Emerald's hooves mess up her gown. Emerald whimpers at the feeling, Papillon's tightness as surprising as her literal and metaphorical shallowness.

The filly's chiding dissolves into muffled squeals of delight; the young Emerald begins a feverish humping that only an inexperienced yet promising colt can provide. After Papillon climaxes for perhaps one of their first times via penetration, he flips his girly mane and asks if she's enjoying the story. She merely grunts, her young mind unable to formulate a reply as her fillyhood squeezes involuntarily.


2016-01-16 08:35:55 No. 26135305

Emerald stumbles over his words a little bit, and then looks to Papillon.

The filly attempts to maintain her previous demeanor, but her flushed face and shaking legs give her away slightly,

"D-don't ever ask me that question again! Just do as you are told!" Papillon snarls.

The guard glares for another second before pulling his head away. Emerald can hear him clank over to the door.

>Perception Check
>Rolled 5, Failed.

Once he hears it open and then shut he turns back to Papillon.

She has a look of haughty uncertainty on her face, and Emerald approaches her lightly. Emerald says that she has to remove her dress,.

"Can't... Can't we keep it on?" Papillon says stuttering.

Emerald says that unless she wants the dress to get dirtier she'll have to remove it. Papillon blushes even redder, and then begins to remove her dress. She starts with one shoulder strap, then the other. She then begins to pull down the front of the dress and-

"I knew it!" The guard yells, causing both of the ponies to swivel around.

It seems the guard tricked Emerald. He only faked leaving the room, probably by simply opening and shutting the door, and then snuck back.

The guard tromps over to Emerald, and taking him by the scruff of the neck says, "Back to your room you go!"

"I command that you drop him and leave at once!" the filly says, pointing and yelling even louder than the stallion.

"I'm sorry young mistress, but I fear my employers and your father more than I do you, and if I let this go on I will be on the bad sides of both."

The guard drags the terrified Emerald back to his room, and opening it with a bang tosses him in and shuts the door, locking it tight.

That whole thing happened so quick his head still hasn't caught up. He suddenly realizes that he is crying. Not because he is hurt, but because he knows that he is going to get into big trouble for this.

What does he do?
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