You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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>Emerald passes out trying to cast a second magic missile.
>Emerald wakes up the next day and He, Ruby, and Joyride make their way to the boat.
>Emerald learns that Bo is on the boat, and that he is the first mate.
>Emerald comforts Ruby about going on the adventure.
>Emerald and Ruby explore the ship a bit, and find some sort of illicit substance in storage.
>Emerald and Ruby return to the deck of the ship and meet the captain.
>The ship sets off, and the trio enjoy disembarking on their adventure.
>Emerald teaches Ruby a little, and after she dozes off he explores the ship looking for things to cast magic missile on.
>Ruby finds him eventually and he starts talking about his past again.
>Past Emerald wakes up in a tent wearing shackles.
>Emerald cuts his way out of tent, but is caught by a mare named Alacris.
>Alarcris talks to Emerald, and then the mare's master appears and starts asking questions.

Continued in the next post...
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