You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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>A cannonball busts through the side of the ship, and a few of the pirates as well as Ruby and Emerald are sent down to investigate the damage.
>After checking that the shot didn't cause any major damage, Emerald uses the opportunity to go onto the deck.
>The battle has gone onto the enemy deck, and Emerald sees Joyride firing spells.
>Emerald spots a pony doing suspicious things with a glowing green torch object, and shoots the sailor with a magic missile.
>He hits, the sailor shoots back, and Joyride downs the sailor.
>Emerald sticks around until the melee ends, and then is sent below.
>Ruby convinces Emerald to see what is happening on the other ship.
>Emerald sees the Captain talk about recruiting some people.
>The captain does, and a party to celebrate the successful raid happens.
>Emerald learns a little about the new recruit, sees some of the treasure they found, and then goes to bed.
>Emerald spends the next few days practicing with his knife and learning how to use a light spell.
>Emerald overhears the Captain and Joyride talking. Apparently they are being chased by three warships, and have to go through a undead infested strait to escape them.
>Emerald writes Sensoria and Hope a letter.

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