You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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>The trio go to Warehouse 52 and look around, Pip noting that there is a spell in a nearby office.
>After searching the grounds for a bit, they enter the room through the ceiling, as the spell's effects only take place when there is a person near the floor.
>It appears to be an interrogation room.
>Pip "accidentally" drops Emerald, sounding off a magical alarm. Luckily they escape with a bunch of files before they can be caught.
>They decide to hide nearby and watch the people who come in.
>They are guards, and they stay for a little while. When they start to leave the party decides to follow them to see where they go.
>After a while Emerald decides to stop following the guards, afraid that maybe it's a ploy to catch them out.
>They return to Emerald's flat and go through the boxes.
>A ton of shit happens that it would probably just be better to read. To give a quick synopsis, they find a file related to the dogtags they found in the cave with the mushrooms for Joyride's potion, there is a new demon in play called the Spatiumdaemon, and Emerald speaks with the Chronodaemon in his amulet.
>Also, Emerald boops the amulet.

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