You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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>Ruby and Emerald make up.
>Ruby shows Emerald some cool pickpocketing and lockpicking skills, though it takes the colt a while to understand how it works.
>Emerald is shown a vision of Larimar, who has apparently arrived in Trotton.
>Larimar is still with the Order ponies, and they have taken Hope prisoner.
>Other than the Order, Whitherwater guards and Jewel family soldiers are there.
>Larimar chats with Hope for a little bit, and then chats with the siblings again.
>He spots a mysterious figure in the distance, and afterwards he is told to find Uictoria, which he does.
>The colt is then told to return to Bellator and Praelia.
>Emerald is awoken, and tells Ruby and Joyride about his vision.
>Emerald and Joyride dress up in deer fashion, then approach the hotel where the deer is at, which has a bit of a festival going on in front of it.
>Emerald and Ruby look aroudn the festival for a bit, and then Emerald is given the deer transformation potion.
>They approach the barricade in front of the hotel, and after speaking with the guards and their leader named Lily, they are let in.
>Emerald asks about her title as Qaab Belqane, and she explains that she was mistaken as a god with that name some time back.
>Emerald discovers the true nature of the White Deer.
>Emerald and Joyride figure out a plan to get the White Deer's horn involving them takin the deer to Techride's dimension.
>They are let upstairs, and Emerald meets Maple, the White deer.

Continued in next post...
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