You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2015-10-16 10:47:41 No. 25094347

Last Thread:

>Emerald wakes up after fucking Hope.
>Emerald escapes after some soldiers come after them.
>Emerald sees Hope run out of Trotton because of a mark we made on a map in her tent.
>Emerald follows her, gets captured, and then gets rescued by Hope.
>Hope and Emerald make their way to Hope's friend, Joyride.
>Joyride attempts to remove the ring and fails.
>Emerald is woken up at night by Joyride, who tells him she knows of a way to get the ring off, and in the meantime, how to release seed.

Update next post.

2015-10-16 10:55:04 No. 25094391
Emerald is a bit... Intimidated by the size of the phallus. He asks Joyride if she has a smaller one.

"A smaller one? Considering your look, I thought you'd be into nice thick ones. Maybe it's just the shape? I got toys shaped like all kinds of weird stuff in here! How about this one?" Joyride says, pulling out something that is indeed smaller in girth, but way, way longer and almost earthworm-like.

This is getting out of hand. Thinking quick, he asks Joyride if maybe she could turn into a foal as well. At least that way the thing going inside him wouldn't be so... Big.

"Kinky, I like it. Just give me one sec..." Joyride remarks, alighting her horn and then suddenly bursting into a green smoke.

(Continued next post)

2015-10-16 11:02:53 No. 25094452

"That good, Lil' Perv?" Joyride says, nibbling Emerald's ear.

>Frustration lowers to 20/100!

Emerald just responds with deep gasps, and Joyride gets up, gathers her clothes, and says, "Well, off to bed now, and don't say I never did anything for you. Now off to bed. Normally I'd make you lick this mess all up, but I'm feeling charitable today, so I'll clean up."

Emerald gets shakily to his feet. He slowly walks out the door, and only glances back to see Joyride lifting the cum with her magic and placing it into a bottle on a shelf.


Emerald awakes the next morning on the couch near Hope, though she has apparently already gotten up. It's mid-morning, and the colt can smell food coming from the kitchen area. Hope and Joyride are there, and they appear to be discussing something.

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-16 12:31:03 No. 25095119

Emerald listens in on the conversation the best he can from his position on the couch.

"-your part in all of this anyway? You just found him in Trotton and that's it?" Joyride says, bemused.

"He was the first unfortunate soul I came across on my very first outing with Ponycare. He was escaping from a terrible life, he needed help! It was like... Fate. I have to help him, something just... I just can't leave him be, the poor child. It's almost destiny."

"I don't know, sounds like a coincidence to me."

After a few seconds, Hope pipes up.

"Another thing... When the soldiers came up to the camp at Trotton... The were waving the Jewel Family Crest."

"Ohhh~!" Joyride says, "Suddenly it all makes sense. Wanna make daddy angry by messing with his ol' pal, eh? Pretty petty, Hopey Dope."

"N-no, it's nothing like that ! I was just mentioning it because I think... I think Emerald might be a bit over his head here..."

"Oh yeah, almost certainly." Joyride says, unconcerned.

Emerald doesn't hear anything for a while after that, and decides to get up and greets the two of them sitting at the dining room table. He is passed a plate of... Something, and he starts eating.

"Sleep well, Lil' Perv?" Joyride says, raising and lowering her eyebrows knowingly.

"Yes." Emerald says suddenly feeling hot in the face and then adds, "Yes, um... Thank you..."

"Well, I have a question for you." Joyride says, waving her fork around a little, "What is your plan exactly? I mean, you aren't going to keep running forever right? Hope has to go back to her post eventually..."

Joyride then points at the moving box near the door and continues, "...And I have to take that over to the big city. We all got a life. What are your plans now that you are free to live'em?"

Emerald hadn't thought too much about that. He's mostly just been living day to day, but perhaps he should come up with some sort of plan or purpose.

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-16 05:14:04 No. 25098295

Emerald says that he is still more concerned with getting away at the moment, and mentions maybe he'll go west, or perhaps north to the Deer Kingdom.

"Hmm, well the west might not work so well right now, with the war going on and everything..." Hope says, quickly.

"What war?" Emerald asks, interested.

Hope looks imploringly at Joyride, but she just yawns.

"The war to the southwest between the zebra and the Haunchhock/Whitherwater kingdom alliance... It's been going on for a little while now..."

"S-sorry, I..."

"Probably haven't been out of the house much, huh?" Joyride says.

"No, I... This is my first time really leaving it... The most I've ever heard of the outside is the stuff I've read in books."

"Oh, you can read? Guess you are a rich kid and everything, so that makes sense." Joyride says, "Anyway, a warzone is a good place to escape if you want to disappear for a little while, or especially if you want to do it in a more permanent fashion. People disappear over there all the time."

"C-can we talk about something else please?" Hope says scared, "How about up north?"

"As for the north, I guess you could escape there. No deer government would likely hand you over. They have sort of a hard-on for justice. On the other hand, it'll always be very obvious where you are. There aren't too many ponies living in the deer territory. And it's not just your parent's goons you'd have to watch out for. Deer are people too, and can be just as evil." Joyride says, leaning back in her chair, "Plus your reading isn't going to do you much good there."

"I-I can read deer too..." Emerald says, blushing slightly again.

"Really now?" Joyride says, interest peaked.

"Yeah, and um, a few other languages as well..." Emerald says looking down at his hooves.

"Wow Emerald, that's quite impressive!" Hope says, clapping her hooves.

Emerald nods, sadly.

What else does Emerald ask?

2015-10-16 06:27:05 No. 25099132

Emerald asks how much they know about the Jewel family, and if there are any other kingdoms who would harbor him.

"They are pretty powerful. The Jewel family has great facilities for digging up and shaping gemstones. Things that are especially useful for Hope's family's business." Joyride says, eyeing Hope.

Hope looks dour and then says, "My family produces terrible, deadly weapons... In particular siege weapons used in the war to the southwest. The Jewel family is one of the few groups with the resources necessary to produce the gemstones needed for our weapons, and since your father and mine were friends to begin with... It was a natural partnership... They are making millions off the war effort..."

Hope suddenly stops speaking, so Joyride says, "As for pony kingdoms that would harbor you, there probably aren't any you could easily walk to. None to the north and Haunchhock and Whitherwater are both probably swarming with ponies looking for you. You'd have to head way, way east, and that means going back through the kingdom your father lives in."

Pushing that aside, Emerald asks if he could go straight south from here and end up safe.

"Nope, a little perv like you'd be eaten in five minutes." Joy says flatly.

A bit exasperated, Emerald asks about the zebra war.

"Probably something stupid like most wars are. A struggle over land or resources disguised as some moral or ethical quest." Joy says, leaning back in her chair.

"The official report is that Zebra's began to encroach and claim pony lands on the border of Haunchhock...." Hope says.

Emerald then asks about the deer.

"Most are do-gooders to the extreme, though they have funny ideas of what "good" is sometimes. They are also very concerned about nature and stuff. Pretty hot though." Joyride says.

"They like to keep to themselves mostly..." Hope says rolling her eyes, "I'm afraid I don't know much about them myself."

What does Emerald ask?

2015-10-16 07:13:33 No. 25099660

Emerald asks Joyride if she has anything that he could wear to conceal his appearance.

"Oh yeah! I have tons of clothes!" Joy says, pulling a chest from seemingly out of thin air and plops it heavily on the table.

Emerald excitedly looks through the clothes, but quickly becomes annoyed. All the clothes are lacy, frilly lingerie.

"Don't like what you see? I thought someone like you would jump at the chance to wear these clothes."

Changing the subject, Emerald asks if there is any thing that could change his look, like fur or mane dye.

"Well... If I wanted to change my look I'd just use magic to do so, so I don't have any non-magical means to do it. Since you seem to be resistant to magic at the moment, you may be a little out of luck. Blame the pendant for that.

Emerald asks about the pendant, and why Joyride found it interesting.

"Well, let's put it this way. I know a lot of different kinds of magic. A lot, like, probably more than most ponies in this entire kingdom or many others... And I don't recognize the spell or the type of magic it is."

Joyride then reaches for the pendant, and turns it sideways and upside down, bringing it close to her eyes and giving it a few flicks of the hoof.

"I mean, I can see some things about it. For instance..." Joyride then pulls the necklace off of Emerald and chucks it out the window and into the forest."

"H-hey! That was my mother's pendant! Why'd you do that?"

"Oh, that was your mom's pendant? You mean the one that you are wearing, right there? Around your neck?"

Emerald looks down confused, and sees that the pendant is indeed there.

"My goodness, what does that mean, Joy?" Hope says, bringing a hoof to her mouth in surprise.

"It means the item is bound to him. Now that alone doesn't mean it's necessarily mean it's cursed, but I'm starting to get suspicious."

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-16 09:37:00 No. 25101694

(Goodnight bros.)

Emerald look through the clothing one more time just to make sure there is nothing he can use. Unfortunately, Emerald is quite sure the only things these clothes would do is attract MORE attention.

Emerald asks if Joyride has any books on items with magical auras like his pendant.

"Nope, but if you are looking for some reading material you can borrow this one!" Joyride says, handing him a rather thick brown book.

Emerald opens it up and sees that it's written in Griffonese! Let's see...


"I am nothing but a poor, celery farming mare, caught in your toned, muscular arms! Please don't eat me Mr. Griffon!"

"Ah, but if I can't use you for sustenance, perhaps there is another hunger you can satiate!"

"Oh~! Mr. Griffon!"


Emerald hands the book back with a glare and a blush. Joyride is looking at him funny, almost... Discerningly? Emerald isn't sure he likes it.

"Oh, I thought you'd like the dom thing going on there. It's a pretty common fetish for griffons if you are looking by the way." Joyride says with a wink, "Anyway, get out of my house, I need to pack it up and start moving."

Emerald and Hope step out of the home, and Joyride comes shortly after carrying the rattling box. She grabs the house by the end, and doing something that hurts the colts eyes and brain, folds it in on itself like a blanket.

The three of you get on the road and Joy pipes up,

"Anyway, gotta make a decision soon lil' perv. We can travel together to the west if you like, to the big city. Plenty of opportunity to light up some orbs, if ya know what I mean." Joy then winks again and continues, "Or you could go north with Hopey here, and not pass anybody except soldiers and trainees, and even when you get to the Deer they may not want to fuck."

"Don't pressure him like that, Joyride..." Hope says sadly.

"Well fine. He could go wherever he wants, but those were just two options."

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-17 10:05:19 No. 25108441

Emerald isn't sure that heading north through Trotton is the right idea, considering all the soldiers that are sure to be around. In addition, the best solution for getting the ring off probably is going west to the big city. He doesn't really want to travel with Joyride alone though, but he doesn't have much of a choice, or maybe he does? When the three of them get to the crossroads they all stop. Emerald tells the mares of his decision.

After a few seconds Emerald rushes over and hugs Hope deeply, who returns the hug readily.

"Can't you come with west with us? Please?"

"I want to very much my dear, but I'll probably be in enough trouble for abandoning my post... Listen honey, this isn't goodbye forever. If you are going to stay a while in Whitherwater we will definitely see each other again. In fact..." Hope says, looking up at Joyride, "Do you have any extra dragon fire lamps on you?"

Joyride frowns and says, "Yeah, I made some just recently, but I was going to sell them in town. Dragon fire doesn't come cheap. I'll let you have one but you gotta pay for it."

"Can I pay you later?"

"You can right now with your body."


"Alright fine, i'll add it to your tab."

Joyride once again reaches from out of nowhere and takes out what appears to be a metal bowl with a stick jutting out of it. The stick has a clamp on it, and the whole thing is carved with a dragon motif. There is also a hole set in the center of the bowl with what appears to be a small tin with a wick.

Hope nods and says, "If you ever need to send me a message just write a letter and burn it in this while thinking of me. It'll get to me I swear."

And then they part. Emerald, Joyride, and her box all continue to the west, mostly in silence.

Joyride and Emerald walk for a while in silence. It's starting to get a bit awkward.

What should Emerald do?

2015-10-17 12:15:49 No. 25110564

(Off to work, sorry, so many questions I might have to do another update later to answer those ones.)

"So err... Weren't you following Stargazer?" Emerald says, breaking the silence.


Emerald explains his encounter with Stargazer, and Joyride nods and says, "Oh, 'Stargazer', yeah. Heh, who do you think is in this box?"

Joyride then gives the boxes a few knocks, which elicits a shudder, "Stargazer here is in big trouble. Supposedly whatever happened at Trotton is her fault."


"Well, I'm not sure her brand of magic has that sort of power really. She is a petitioner of the Succubi. They are usually more in the business of subtlety taking power than destroying whole towns and making populations disappear overnight with nary a word."

Emerald has heard of succubi. He thinks he read about them in one of his dad's books. Remembering what Succubi are famous for suddenly makes Emerald remember something.

"Hey, why did you put my semen in a bottle?"

"Probably for the same reason this slut wanted it." Joyride says slapping the box again, "Semen of a child freely given is a powerful and semi-rare magical ingredient in some circles. Not a big fan of Succubus magic myself, but I know some people who will pay good money for it."

"So you weren't just trying to help me out yesterday, were you?" Emerald says, feeling slightly used.

"Hey now, we were helping each other out. Isn't that what friends are for? I mean look, here, if you want the ring off that badly I know some people who will pay top dollar for a piece of you. What do you think?"

Emerald thinks about it for a second. It's not like there is anyone he particular wants to be with right now, other than Hope perhaps. Maybe it is just best to get things out of the way. Still feels wrong though.

"I-I'll think about it..." Emerald says blushing, and Joyride snickers.

Maybe a change of subject is in order. What does Emerald ask?

2015-10-17 10:24:06 No. 25118585

(Goodnight bros. Drunk as shit.)

Emerald says that even if he does ever consider doing such a thing, he is getting a split in the profits.

"Oh ho! So we are talking business now are we? Well I think I can give you a fair share." Joyride says, grinning broadly.

Emerald asks what Joyride plans to do after dropping off Stargazer.

"I have some business to take care of... If you are really that interested I might let you tag along. Maybe. It depends on if I think you'll be useful or not"

Emerald then asks about the history of the local area.

Joyride groans and says, "I don't know, what do you think I am, an encyclopedia? You gotta be a bit more specific. Basically Whitherwater was carved out of a large forest teeming with monsters. Many of which you can still find if you are suicidal enough to go straight south into the forest. Is that what you were asking?"

Emerald finally asks how Joy met Hope.

"Ah well you see- Wait, hey, hide. Quick." Joyride says, looking around.

The sudden change in her demeanor makes Emerald jumpy, and he dives into the nearest bush in the side of the road.

A few moments later an armored pegasus dives down from the sky in front of Joyride.

"Greetings, traveler. We are looking for a lost colt in the area. He looks like this." The pegasus says, handing her a flyer, "Have you seen anyone like this?"

"Hmm, well, let's say I have, what's in it for me?"

Wait, did she just really say that?

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-18 08:54:24 No. 25123613

Emerald stays put and listens in on the conversation.

"There is a substantial reward for any information leading to his capture." The pegasus says.

"Hmm, and this is it as far as a reward goes?" Joyride says looking at the flier, "Guards patrolling the skies, with magical armor no less, going around handing out flies about a missing foal. And I doubt you are the only one. Surely you can pay more than this."

"I'm afraid I don't control the payment, miss."

"Well can I talk to that person then? Maybe they could pay me more to learn about this little boy."

"You can tell me, and I'll make sure it gets to him."

"On second thought." Joyride says, folding up the flier and pushing it down the front of the pegasus' armor, "I think I might have been mistaken. I don't think I saw anything."

Joyride starts to walk away, but the pegasus blocks her and says, "Ma'am, you are going to have to come with me for questioning."

"Oh no, please don't hurt me." Joyride says flatly, before a bright flash fills the area. When the light fades the scene doesn't look much different, except neither of them are talking. The pegasus just suddenly takes off, and Joyride says, "Okay lil' perv, you can come out now."

Emerald pops out of the bushes, and asks what she did to the pegasus.

"Nothing permanent. He'll just wake up down the road assuming he had a daydream and will think nothing of it."

Emerald asks if she would have really turned him in.

"Nah, not for that amount of money. Hope probably wouldn't have liked me very much after that, and she doesn't seem like the kind of pony to me who'd be into hate-fucking. I wanted to see how badly those soldiers wanted to find you, mostly. His reaction tells me that he is probably one of a few groups of ponies looking for you. Be on guard, lil' perv."

Scared, Emerald asks if they are close to Whitherwater.

"Another two days, maybe three at this pace."

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-18 10:40:08 No. 25124596

"W-well come on then! Let's go!" says Emerald while he tugs on Joyride's cloak, trying to goad her to go faster.

"Whoa there, what's the hurry?"

"Maybe the dozens of ponies looking for me?" Emerald says exasperated.

"I told you to be on guard, not to be a pussy. Look, as long as you are with me nothing is going to hurt you. Probably."


"Well yeah, I mean I can't protect you 100% of the time. Plus you aren't the only pony with enemies out to get them. At least your pursuers are just ponies. Like I said, just be on guard."

What Joyride says doesn't exactly bolster his spirits, and Emerald begins tugging on her cloak again.

"Oh no, ugh! I think I'm having a heart attack!" Joyride says, dramatically dead weighting onto Emerald.

"Stop it!" Emerald says, trying to push Joyride off of him.

Joyride let's the colt up, and props herself on her front hooves and says, "Look, calm down. Freaking out isn't going to help. In fact all it will do will exhaust you. Just take things as they come, lil' perv."

Despite this speech however, for the rest of the day Emerald is constantly looking over his shoulder and into the air for pursuers. When the daylight starts to fade Joyride pulls to the side of the road again and pulls out her house. When the both of them get inside Joyride locks the doors behind her.

"Still a bit frazzled?" Joyride says, leaning against Stargazer's box.

Emerald looks down at his hooves and nods.

"Look, you just need a little distraction. Tell you what..." Joyride then opens the box, and reaching deep inside it, pulls out the back end of a bound up pony. Joyride then slaps what Emerald assumes are Stargazer's cheeks and says, "There. Go nuts, forget your worries! We can always finish you off later with one of my toys if you are worried about the ring."

2015-10-18 06:03:27 No. 25131222

>Frustration increases to 30/100!

Emerald stares at the mare's naughty bits. It's tempting...

>Willpower Check
>Rolled 5, Failed

Emerald approaches close to Stargazer's end and grabbing both of her cheeks, buries his face in her most private area.

This causes struggling and muffled cries to come out of the box, and Emerald instantly pulls back, horrified.

He gets up and runs to the nearest door, which happens to be the one to the storage room and shuts himself in.

He can't believe he almost did that. He almost did exactly the thing he loathed to another pony. He isn't any better than his parents. Not really.

A few minutes later Emerald hears a knock at the door and it opens a crack. Joyride's voice says, "Hey lil' buddy. You okay?"

Emerald doesn't respond and Joyride continues, "Okay, whatever. Anyway you can borrow this, if you want. Or another one, if you don't like this one."

Joy throws something into the room, and it hits the floor with a clack. Emerald isn't sure what it is, but the shape gives him a good idea where the thing is supposed to go.

>Frustration increase to 35/100!

Emerald ignores the item and buries his head in his hooves and between his fear and his erection, does he best to fall asleep.


Emerald awakes the next day, and after a quick, silent breakfast they are packed up and the two make their way down the road. Eventually they get to a fork, and Emerald looks down it, asking where it goes.

"That goes to Golden Oats. It's decently sized, but it's pretty boring. It's just a resort for prissy rich people. It's nothing compared to Whitherwater. I mean, how can you compare with sleazy pirate hookers?"

Emerald looks down the road again. He could go down this road and leave Joyride to her own business. Joyride is a good source of protection, but Emerald fears for his moral health if he stays with her any longer.

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-18 07:26:33 No. 25132595

You decide that it's still just best to stay with Joyride, and continue on your way with her.

Now that Emerald is on the road between Whitherwater and Golden Oats he finds an upswing in the amount of people he runs across on the road. Sure there are the soldiers, but there are a variety of merchants and other travelers as well. The worst part is that Emerald has to dive into the bushes every single time. Most of these ponies she simply exchanges news and flirtation. Joy surprised Emerald by purchasing a caramel apple from one of the merchants though, and she even shared it with him!

>Intelligence check
>Rolled 4, Passed.

A lot of the names and places Joy and the ponies mention escape Emerald, but he does pick up on some interesting sounding news. Apparently the calamity at Trotton has reached Whitherwater, and there have been unexplained blizzards in the deer country. In addition, there are strange, twisted creatures flying around the battlefield to the west.

When Emerald gets the chance, he asks Joyride why she seems to enjoy sex so much.

"Well, let's put it this way, lil' perv. It's awesome. It's so awesome that everything from the lowliest creatures to the highest and most powerful gods apparently do it. Do you hear that? Gods. Those guys that don't even need to eat or drink regular food. They still fuck. There is a lesson to learn there. You are still young so I wouldn't expect yo to understand, but there is great satisfaction in reaching a blissful orgasm."

Emerald doesn't get it. Sex doesn't seem to have caused him anything but trouble. Perhaps seeing the look on his face, Joyride says, "You'll see buddy. Once we get that ring off I'll show you how to really party!"

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-18 08:59:17 No. 25133815

Emerald asks Joyride if she is sure that she doesn't have anything she can use as a disguise, mentioning the clothes Stargazer was wearing when they last met.

Joyride laughs and says, "Oh yeah, I forgot about those rags she called a shawl. You know, I think they might be in the house somewhere, yeah. Not much of a tailor, but I might be able to cut it smaller so you can wear it.

Feeling a little better about Joyride, Emerald jokes if sex is so good, whey couldn't she get off on his butt and help him get an orb?

"Whoa now lil' perv. You're cute, but you are way to inexperienced to-"

Joyride stops in her tracks, looking around frantically. She groans and then says, "Crud. Hide, like seriously right now, and take the box with you."

Emerald looks around. The part of the road they are on right now is on a raised cliff with a shear drop on one side and a steep cliff on the other. There aren't even really any bushes around. Emerald grabs the box the best he can in his teeth and drags it backwards, but he looks into the air and let's out a large gasp of shock.

Beating down with it's mighty wings a giant, white, scaled creature descends from the sky. It lands before Joyride and bears it's giant, razor sharp fangs at her. Emerald has read about dragons before, but he never realized how large or terrifying they were until just now.

"Qaab Belqane!" It growls.

"Yup, you found me." Joyride says rubbing her temple with a hoof, "Whitefang right? What do I owe the pleasure?"

"You know very well why I am here. Dragons do not take the theft of our fire lightly!"

"Hey, I didn't make Snaggle blow fire on me, and if I can block it by say, absorbing it into a dragonfire proof ethero-canister to sell for later profit, why shouldn't I? Should I just let myself be burnt to ashes?"

"The only reason he blew fire on you was because you stole from his hoard."

Emerald is starting to get a chill down his back. What does he do?

2015-10-19 06:35:40 No. 25144594

Doing his best to keep from shivering, Emerald walks from behind his box and stands next to Joyrides side. This seems to surprise both the unicorn and the dragon, and Emerald takes the opportunity to speak up. Emerald knows that if there is one thing dragons are known for it's their greed.

"I'm sorry that my friend insulted you by stealing not just one of your compatriots horde but also their fire. My family runs a massive jewel mining operation, and I assure you we can give you proper recompense."

The dragon eyes Emerald for a second and then says, "I may not know much about ponies, but you are certainly too young to be owning anything yourself. What proof is there that your family owns anything?"

"This is the child of the Jewel family, Whitefang." Joyride says quickly, "I was escorting him to Whitherwater for business. Why else do you think I would have a runt follow me around like this? His family is one of the few that could actually afford my services!"

"The Jewel family?" Whitefang says, looking down at Emerald again, who cowers at the stare.

"H-here, take this as a down payment." Emerald says, snatching the pendant from his chest and holding it up to the dragon, who takes it by one of his claws and holds it up to his face.

The dragon eyes the pendant for quite some time, rotating in front of his eyes. Eventually he says, "What an interesting jewel... This is very much worth a down payment. Very well. I shall take up my grievances with your parents. It seems you have snaked your way out of another jam, Qaab Belqane, but you shall not always be so lucky. Watch yourself."

The dragon takes off, and after he makes it a little ways away Joyride slaps Emerald on the back laughing. "Nicely done! You tricked him good!"

She then flicks the necklace, which seems to have reappeared back onto the colt again. "We should do that trick again sometime!"

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-19 08:18:07 No. 25145995

Emerald urges Joyride to move faster, and even she agrees that's probably a good idea, and starts running as well.

Emerald, slightly winded from the pace, asks what Qaab Belqane is,

"Just a dumb name that stuck. It's Deer actually. I'd prefer if you just kept calling me Joyride."

Emerald knows the deer language, and he is quite sure that those words aren't in it, but he doesn't press the issue. It's not like he's 100% fluent or anything.

Glancing into the air, Emerald asks, "Do you think the dragon will notice soon that the pendant is gone? Maybe he'll just think he dropped it?"

"Even if that's true, he'll still blame us. We need to get off these cliffs. If we are lucky we can hide somewhere before he finds us."

The day starts to turn to night and the road starts to deecrease in altitude, flattening out into a straight stretch of road with large forests nestled on either side. At this point, the two ponies hear a roar, and looking ahead see Whitefang flapping heavily towards them.

"Into the forest, and as far as you can go. I can't take on a dragon if I'm worrying about you, and take the box as well. If something happens to the box and Stargazer gets out it will just complicate things. He shouldn't breathe fire around here. He'll get in big trouble if he does, so you should be safe."

Emerald drags the box into the forest the best he can. It's really heavier than it seems, and the ground is uneven and keeps catching on the box. Emerald can barely see the road, but he looks back as another roar and the cracking and collapsing of trees meets his ears.

Emerald is starting feel guilty. He may have delayed the dragon, but the fight is in a way also his fault. Maybe he should go back? The box will be safe right here right?

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-19 09:46:54 No. 25147123

Emerald decides to stick to Joyride's plan. She seems to know what she's doing, and it's not like Emerald has ever dealt with dragons before.

He keeps pushing and pushing until his legs start to ache. The colt then hides the box behind a tree the best he can and tries to observe the battle. He can't see much, but he can still sort of hear the roars of the dragon, and the flash of what must be Joyride's spells temporarily light the area, showing the distant, shadowy figures fighting against the pitch black trees.

The fight continues on for some time, but there are several giant flashes and then everything goes quiet.

Emerald instinctively goes low. He doesn't hear the dragon or Joyride. Even the nocturnal animals seem to be staying silent. Is it safe?

What should Emerald do?

2015-10-20 06:10:07 No. 25150233

Emerald stays flat against the ground, waiting and listening for any sign of either the dragon or Joyride. The minutes march on, and the colt starts to get worried.

What if Joyride is alive, but injured? What if she needs help and all he did was lay here and be afraid for himself?

Apprehensively, Emerald stands and takes a step towards the road. He then remembers the box, and looks around. He finds the biggest log he can and puts it on the box. He is pretty sure that Stargazer can't get out of the box, and even if she did she is bound... But it doesn't help to be too careful.

The trip back to the road is made much easier without the box, and what he sees concerns him greatly for Joyride's welfare.

The road is lit by several small brushfires around the road. The earth is scorched black in many places, and bushes and trees are cracked and strewn across the road, or otherwise ripped out by their roots.

There is one giant, smoking crater in the middle of the road, and approaching it Emerald sees nothing inside but more blasted black earth.

Emerald's mind starts to race. Is Joyride okay? Will he be okay? What should he do? What if more of the soldiers come? What if another dragon comes?

Emerald takes a deep breath. Don't freak out. Just take things as they come.

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-20 08:00:59 No. 25157593

Emerald decides to search around longer, but other than burnt logs of wood and ashes there isn't much to be found.

As Emerald is searching around some torn up trees he hears a sudden thump not five feet behind him. Whipping his head towards the noise he sees an armored pegasus folding up his wings. Possibly because of the poor lighting and time of night the colt failed to see the pegasus in the sky, and he failed to see Emerald on the ground.

Emerald quickly and quietly dives behind some bushes and watches the new pony's activity.

The pegasus searches his sidebag, and after a second pulls out a bronze looking orb. He murmurs somethingand the bronze orb starts floating, suddenly letting out a bright light like a tiny sun. The orb seems to hang a foot or two above the pegasus' hoof, and he raises it higher and scans the area.

Again the Pegasus pulls something out of his bag. This time it looks like a torch, but with an odd glass projection on the end. The pony sticks it into the ground and then whispers something to it as well. It glows a pale green and he steps a few feet away from the item.

For a third time the Pegasus opens his bag. He pulls out some parchment and pen, as well as what appears to Emerald like the dragonfire lantern he owns, though not as finely carved. The soldier scrawls something quickly and then clips the parchment onto the lantern. He then flicks a switch on the side and a burst of yellow flame ignites the letter. A few moments pass and there is a bright flash of light, and three more armored ponies appear, a unicorn and two earth ponies.

The Unicorn lays down, clearly exhausted, but the earth ponies looking around carefully.

"What happened here?" One of them says.

"Something put up a fight, whatever it was." says the other.

"A dragon and an unknown creature, both still at large. Search the area, and put out those fires." says the pegasus.

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-20 09:00:35 No. 25158377

Emerald looks for a nearby piece of debris he can toss, and hurls it in the opposite direction from where the box is.

The noise alerts one of the earth ponies, and he gets the attention of the others.

"Hello? Anyone there?"

Emerald makes his way around the outside of the fight scene, and towards the box.

>Dex Check
>Rolled 3, passed.

"Hey, you okay to cast yet?" Emerald hears one of the ponies say as he passes. He pays it no mind, he needs to get back to the box. Surely Joyride will come for him, and if not him, certainly the box right?

Emerald gets to the place where he left the box, and pushing off the log he placed atop it, attempts to shove the box farther away. He isn't sure how far the soldiers are going to look, but the more space he gives them the better.

Emerald sees some light approach, and hears some rustling in the bushes around him. Turning he sees the the pegasus, the unicorn, and one of the earth ponies outlined in shadow by the light of the orb the pegasus is carrying.

"You sure it's this way?" the earth pony whispers.

"Yes, I sense two ponies... I think. Certainly one pony, at least." says the unicorn out loud, though her voice seems much quieter naturally.

"You think? Explain." murmurs the pegasus.

"One of them is at least mostly a pony."

"Keep an eye out." finishes the pegasus.

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-20 10:02:33 No. 25159172

(Going to sleep. World is normal as far as sex goes, and yes, the armor is different from the ponies around Trotton.)

Without any options, Emerald tries to think up a plan. He tries to work himself into a good sob, but the ponies hear it before he can and Emerald is met with a flash in the eyes by the orb.

"A child?" the Pegasus says, motioning to the Earth pony to stand watch, "What are you doing here? Where is the other one?"

Emerald opens his mouth to answer, but is interrupted.

"Cirrus, It is not him." The Unicorn pony says, walking up next to him. Her mane is styled in a way that very neatly covers her eyes, and she wears a long robe that doesn't conceal the fact that she is quite possibly one of the thinnest ponies Emerald has ever seen.

"What do you mean Sensoria?"

"The two I sense, they are in that crate, I think. I'm not sure what this is I... I can see the child, I know he is there but... I cannot sense him." The unicorn pony whispers.

"Perhaps a fugitive hiding their appearance behind a spell? Maybe magic against sensing powers?" The pegasus named Cirrus says eyeing Emerald.

"I'm not-" Emerald starts, but is interrupted again.

"No. I don't know what magic this is." Sensoria says, and then taking a step closer to Cirrus says, "It frightens me."

"Explain yourself. Who are you, what are you doing here, what happened, and why are you dragging around a crate with two ponies in it?" The pegasus says, during which he pulled out a piece of parchment, wrote on it, and then sent it off on the dragonfire lantern.

Well, looks like Emerald will finally be able to get a word in.

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-21 07:21:06 No. 25169768

Emerald isn't sure he wants to reveal too much about Joyride. Something tells him that she probably isn't too much into authority. Time for some misdirection.

Emerald turns around and puts his hooves on the box. He spreads his legs and says, "I-I'm not sure about any of that sir, my mistress went to fight that awful big beast and left me here to watch this box... If she is gone, maybe you can be my new master?"

Despite the fact that he was just acting, these words bring some involuntary tears to his eyes. Some of these words he has had to speak before.

"That won't be necessary." the pegasus says. Emerald sees that Cirrus is shielding his eyes with his hoof, but the unicorn is looking right at him (he thinks) and nibbling her hoof.

"Perhaps he is part of the slave trade?" Cirrus says, lowering his hoof but not looking at you still.

"Yes, that ring around his nuggets is a pretty good indication. I've never heard of someone putting a chastity device on someone so young though. Perhaps his mistress..." Sensoria says with a shiver on that last word, "...Told him what, or who is inside the box?"

"Um... A super dangerous criminal. I didn't know there was another pony." Emerald says, still giving puppy dog eyes.

"Good thing I sent for back-up a second ago. They should be arriving soon." Cirrus then turns to the earth pony and says, "Watch the child. Once we more bodies we are going to open this thing and see who is inside."

The earth pony soldier takes Emerald a few feet away from the box and stands by his side. He holds his shoulder. Emerald is pretty sure it's not out of comfort, but more as a gesture to stand still and be quiet.

No one is really talking. Cirrus is examining the box from all angles, but not touching it, and Sensoria's attention seems to turn from him to you, though it's kind of hard to tell without being able to see her eyes.

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-21 09:00:42 No. 25171242

"So erm, what's your name?"

The earth pony soldier looks down at Emerald, and says, "Uh, Biscuit."

The two of you sit in silence for a while. Emerald sees or perhaps senses, Sensoria looking at him again.

"So, what's with her? She keeps looking at me..."

"She's fine once you get to know her. A little awkward, but friendly. She's our squads transportation and magical fire support. Don't mess with her lad."

Emerald catches Sensoria's eye, and she giggles. Around this time Emerald begins to hear chatter in the distance. A good ten or so more armored ponies arrive, and Cirrus briefs them on the situation.

All the soldiers except Sensoria, you, and Biscuit surround the box, weapons drawn. One of the ponies approaches and quickly pops the lid off the box and steps back. Nothing happens, so he peers inside. The soldier then reaches deep within and pulls out Stargazer. She is completely bound, gagged, and has some sort of shackle around her horn. There is a sigh of relief, and everyone relaxes a little bit.

Cirrus begins to bark out orders, and while this is going on Emerald notices that the pony who released Stargazer isn't paying attention to the pegasus, and has started swaying slightly, and moving almost lazily to the cuff around the horn.

Cirrus notices this eventually, but before he can do anything more than draw attention to it the pony has slipped off the shackle, and there is an explosion of pink light. When it clears, there is something that has the lower half of stargazer, and the top half of what can only be described as a saw-toothed bat. Her hooves have also changed to that of some sort of clawed beast. The pony that released lies at her feet, looking very pale but oddly happy. Stargazer flies atop the box and surveys those around her.

She sees you, and the beast screeches loudly, and everyone gets their weapons ready.

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-21 09:55:43 No. 25171996

(Night bruhs. Sorry about lack of updates. Work has sucked recently.)

The creatures lunges in the direction of Emerald, but is quickly blocked by the amount of soldiers.

Weapons slash through brown, matted bat fur as claws and teeth find unprotected areas on pony skin, and in some cases tearing straight through armor. Blood is flying everywhere. Ponies are going down, and though Stargazer looks worse for wear she seems unconcerned and unfazed by it.

Having little more sense than to grab his backpack, Emerald turns and runs. He hears a quick plea to stop, and then a swear for Biscuit, and turning his head he sees the earth pony join the fray.

Emerald runs and runs. The light from Cirrus' orb and the din of combat gradually fade away into darkness and the sounds of frogs and crickets and the occasional owl.

Emerald doesn't even know where he is going, but anywhere away from the bat is better. It has to be. Still sticking in his head is one particular slash of the claws that made one of the soldiers almost explode in a red cloud of blood. Emerald can't even imagine, he doesn't WANT to imagine. He doesn't want to know what that feels like, and the fear drives him. Emerald runs until he can't anymore and starts walking, which fades into a trudge, and then he collapses in exhaustion.


"Hello? Hellooo? You awake? He isn't dead is, he big bro?"

Emerald stirs, and blinks awake. He sees a filly and a stallion staring down at him. Both of them are shades of brown with orange-red eyes. The male has a cutie mark of what appears to be three nuts of some kind, while the filly is blank, and likely around Emerald's age.

Seeing that he is awake, the filly says, "Hey, you okay? You seem a little out of it. My name is Praline, and this is my brother Giles. Welcome to the Pecan Family Farm!"

Emerald looks around. He does seem to be surrounded by large trees planted in a grid-like fashion.

What does he do?
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