You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-01-11 06:16:56 No. 26077971


>Joyride, Ruby, and Emerald have a nice curry dinner.
>Joyride agrees to take Ruby on as a gofer.
>Emerald and Ruby end up sharing a room, and after a brief chat go to sleep.
>Emerald wakes up the next morning and gets his focus (as well as a second unwanted one.)
>Emerald makes some pancakes for Ruby and Joyride.
>The two younger ponies decide to go and get some groceries as well as ingredients for spells.
>They go to the stream that Ruby was talking about and throw rocks for a while.

Continued next post...

2016-01-11 06:26:49 No. 26078053

Emerald decides to play around for a little while longer.

Since there isn't much else but rocks here, the two start building rock towers, something that Ruby is quite a bit better at than the colt. After they build it as high as they can they take turns throwing rocks at the towers to knock them over, and then build them up again.

This repeats for a while before Ruby says, "So what sort of magic can you do?"

Emerald explains that he isn't sure what he can do yet, and that he has to try.

"So try!" Ruby says turning towards him, "I wanna see some magic!"

Emerald decides to try and levitate some of the smaller rocks. He takes up his focus as well as a bird feather and a few stones, then finding a larger rocks places it in front of him and concentrates hard, clutching the spell components in his hoof.

The books he read were never very clear on this part of the spell. They mostly said something akin to "see the result of what you want in your mind, then project that thought into reality". Emerald thinks really hard at the rock.

It doesn't move.

After a few moments Ruby looks a little restless.

Emerald closes his eyes and screws up his face, willing it to rise. Suddenly he feels something collapse in his hoof and looking down sees he appears to be holding sand. A gasp from Ruby makes him look up and see the rock floating for half a second before it crashes back down onto the other stones.

"I've never seen anyone but a unicorn levitate stuff! That's awesome! Do it again!" Ruby says, prancing around him.

Emerald gathers up some more components and finds that the spell comes easier a second time. He does notice that even though he hasn't moved he finds himself inexplicably tired, like he ran a short sprint.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-11 07:20:10 No. 26078633

Emerald tries doing a few more spells, using smaller rocks. He wants to practice and build up some endurance!

However, after about a dozen or so spells Emerald starts to feel a bit light headed, and has to sit down.

"Hey, you doin' alright? You look a little pale..." Ruby says, looking at Emerald concerned.

Emerald smiles and nods, but says he thinks he might be done with spells for now.

"Ah, okay!" Ruby says, "It was pretty cool while it lasted. Whaddya wanna do? Walk around a bit? Maybe go back and get those groceries and maybe a shirt?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-11 08:16:41 No. 26079263

Emerald isn't sure whether he should go walking or get the shopping done, so instead opts for a compromise, deciding to take the scenic route to the stores, asking Ruby to show him around to the other hotspots.

Ruby ends up taking him by some restaurants that are easy to dumpster dive at. As well as by some toy stores that have nice displays on the street.

Eventually the two of them reach a span with nothing to look at, and while he enjoys ruby's company he feels he should say something.

What does he do?

2016-01-11 09:05:10 No. 26079892

Emerald asks if her earring has every done anything strange.

"Strange? Uh... I don't think so?" Ruby says, looking questioningly at the colt.

Emerald wants to describe what he means further, but he feels like it might creep her out if he does. Plus if it did anything out of the ordinary he is sure she would have jumped out and said it.

He asks her what her full name is.

"Erm..." Ruby says, thinking hard, "Rouge? Ruby Rouge I think?"

Emerald asks why she isn't sure.

"I dunno it's... It's been a while since anyone has had to call me by my full name. I think it's rouge though." Ruby says, frowning.

Emerald changes the subject and asks her about her knife, and if she can use it well.

She unsheathes it, revealing a rather battered and chipped blade.

"I found this puppy on the ground just tossed away and it's been on my side ever since! I don't fear anyone with this, because I know if I need to I can just poke'em with it!" Ruby says, smiling at the blade.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-11 10:02:35 No. 26080454

Emerald asks to see Ruby use the blade.

Ruby swings in large dramatic arcs and stabs, pretending to hit the throats of ponies and twist the blade.

It looks impressive and all, but Emerald is pretty sure she is flourishing the blade far too much for it to be anything anyone would actually do in a real fight. He tells Ruby that Joyride's library has tons of books and there are undoubtedly some about using weapons.

"Ooo! That'd be fun! Makes me want to learn how to read more!" Ruby says, placing her knife back in her sheathe.

Because of how chipped it is it keeps catching on the guard, and while Ruby fiddles with it Emerald wonders if she could get her a proper knife. Emerald could ask Joyride for one, or at least to fix the one she has... Maybe even enchant it! He wonders what she would ask of him though, because she certainly wouldn't do it for free. Or even worse, what might she ask of Ruby!

Emerald looks over to Ruby, who is walking beside him. He doesn't really mind the prostitution work. He feels like he should but... He doesn't know. It's okay, he guesses... But it's not something he'd want to force Ruby into. Though, it would be nice to have someone to share his pain with, maybe if he-

"Hey, you awake?" Ruby says suddenly.

Emerald looks up and around. They are inside a grocers.

"So what're we makin'? You are the one that wanted to come to get some food, remember?"

Emerald nods sheepishly and then tries to think of what he'd like to make. It'd have to be something that won't have too many leftovers seeing as they'll be leaving for the warzone tomorrow.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-11 11:18:08 No. 26081127



(Last for the night!)

Emerald looks around at some of the food. He mostly wanted to grab food for just tonight and maybe breakfast tomorrow, but he is looking at some of the snacks nearby and they look pretty delicious. He grabs some simple trail mix and some candied flower petals, as well a small box of turkish delights. The latter mostly because Ruby had no idea what they were.

Emerald asks what Ruby is feeling like for dinner.

"Huh? Oh uh... Jeez, no one's really asked me that before. Hmm..." Ruby finishes, scratching her head.

Emerald suggests sandwiches perhaps?

"Eh... I'd rather have something warmer than that."

Next the Colt suggests stuffed mushrooms, or perhaps some burritos.

"What are burritos?" Ruby says tilting her head.

Emerald says that they are some sort of wrap that a unicorn chef made that was inspired by traditional donkey food. It's essentially a flatbread made of finely grown wheat flour filled with pretty much whatever you want.

"Whatever I want huh...?" Ruby says, staring off into space with a smile.

Emerald giggles and then suggests maybe steak instead?

"And what is steak...?" Ruby says, coming out of her reverie.

Emerald explains that it's meat. Cow meat, he thinks. Ruby turns a disgusted nose at this and he laughs. He then remembers that Joyride ate meat around him, and mentions this to the filly.

"Joyride is such a weirdo!" Ruby says rolling her eyes, "Let's just do the burrito thing. That sounds good."

Emerald buys some beans and cheese, as well as some veggies and eggs. He feels like he has enough food to last the night now.

What does Emerald do next?

2016-01-12 07:51:36 No. 26089618

Emerald and Ruby walk out of the store and back towards #304 Coursewalk, the colt hefting the bag of food as he goes.

"Sure you don't want me to take it? I'm pretty strong you know." Ruby remarks with a flex of a front leg.

Emerald says it's fine. It makes him feel somewhat manly carrying the groceries, though he wouldn't tell Ruby that.

"So, tell me about yourself Emerald." Ruby says, turning towards him, "I feel like I've only really talked about me. Let's hear about you some, it's only fair!"

Emerald frowns... He doesn't really want to talk about his past or anything. Maybe just a little bit would be fine, he guesses. Just so he doesn't make Ruby feel like she is being disregarded.

What does Emerald want to talk about?

2016-01-12 08:51:01 No. 26090368

Emerald decides to tell her about how he got away from his step parents...


Emerald wakes up on the rug in his room. He must dozed off on his rug he thinks, as he shakes his head.

He was having the most wonderful dream. The door to his room was left open. Not the... Not the bad door, but the one that lead down the drafty stone corridor to other parts of the castle. It wasn't open because his step parents were ushering him to a party where he was under strict supervision, nor was it to the courtyard where he was allowed to get some fresh air and exercise... It was left open on accident, and no one but him knew it was. He had made his escape, making sure to stop by the library of course, and then had fled the castle and... Well that is as far as he got. He knows he didn't always live most of his life in this room, but it was so long ago that he hardly even remember much of it.

Emerald stands up. Looking at his clock he can tell there is still a little time before his tutor comes and then after that...

Emerald shakes his head.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-12 09:38:29 No. 26090897

Emerald looks at his shelves. It's just full of books he's already read. It's the only time Emerald actually enjoys speaking with his stepfather, since he always let's him switch out for books from his library.

Emerald checks under his rug and finds a cold, stone tile floor. He'll have to call someone to light his fireplace later.

Emerald checks his desk. There is a quill and blank sheets of paper here, as well as his math homework. His homework has been finished since yesterday, or the last time his teacher was here. Emerald rather likes math, so he did it right away.

Emerald checks under his bed. No monsters there, nor anything else!

Emerald looks in his chest. It contains his nice clothes as well as his... Other clothes. It also contains Monsieur Mouse, Rainbow Bear, his knight doll, a broken toy piano. He broke it himself, scooping the insides and burning them in the fire place. He had to, because he needed a place to hide his real treasure.

Opening the toy, he pulls out a gleaming gold pendant with a big red jewel in it. It was his mother's, his REAL mother's, and he treasures it deeply.

Every so often his step parents try to take it from him, and it crushes his heart every single time it's wrested from his hooves. Somehow it always ends up back in his possession though, much to the annoyance of his step parents. Emerald decided after that to try and hide it, which is why it's inside the piano.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-12 10:45:43 No. 26091642

Emerald attempts to place the doll on his head, but the moment he moves or stands up it slips off. Maybe he can find some string or something later.

Instead he reaches for his amulet and looks at it, hoping that it might spark his memory about his mother, or some better times. He looks to a nearby clock. His tutor is going to be here soon and he doesn't want him seeing the necklace. It isn't like the tutor would try to steal it or anything, at least he doesn't think so, but Emerald doesn't want anyone knowing that he knows where his mother's pendant is.

he places it back in the broken piano and shuts the chest. He then heads over to the door and tries turning the knob. but it's tightly locked. He glances through the keyhole, but there is no one there. He glances at the other door, but he doesn't even want to try that one. He knows exactly where it goes.

Emerald starts to hear the clopping of hooves on the stones outside and rushes to his desk, sitting up properly. He hears the murmur of some ponies outside, the door lock rattles, and then opens. One of his stepfather's guards as well as an elderly mare appear.

The mare is gray furred with a very pale blue mane pulled back into a bun on her head. She is wearing a light shawl, as well as caring textbooks in a dainty saddlebag upon her. She is quite wrinkly, but the wrinkles only make her look rather adorable. The mare smiles at Emerald and adjusts the bifocals sitting on her snout.

"Holler if you need anything, Ms. Cassiopeia." The guard says.

The mare steps in and nods, and the guard closes the door, locking it with a loud thunk behind him.

"Hello my dear, how are you today?" Emerald's tutor asks.

Emerald very politely says that he is doing well.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-12 11:38:36 No. 26092145

(Last for the night.)

Emerald wonders that if she butters up Ms. Cassiopeia it might help him better his circumstances. She's always been the nicest pony he's known, and she's never... Well, she doesn't treat him like most other people he knows. He asks her how she is, and enthusiastically points out his finished math homework.

"Oh I'm doing well as always, dearie!" She then picks up the math homework with a smile, and after looking it over says, "Ah yes, perfect marks as usual! You are quite the little genius!"

Emerald asks what is going on in the outside world.

"It's a nice sunny day! Barely a cloud in the sky and the birds and bees are out in full force. It's quite a commotion outside! We could go out into the courtyard later if you wish to hear it." Ms. Cass says with another pleasant smile.

Emerald says that'd be nice, and then waits for her to say more. He's more curious about things outside the castle walls. She doesn't oblige however, and instead leans over to grab one of her textbooks.

Emerald asks how long she's been tutoring him.

"Oh, a little over a year now, perhaps?" the tutor says, "Your parents hired me when we found out how evil and nasty your previous tutors were, don't you remember?"

Emerald actually barely remembers his other tutors, but he doesn't remember them being particularly bad. Really, they were a lot like Ms. Cassiopeia.

Going for broke, Emerald works up the courage to tell his teacher that his parents... Do... Things... to him. Ms. Cassiopeia listens intently, and after he finishes she says,

"Oh, is that it my dear? My goodness, excuse me for saying so young master but you are being quite ungrateful. Your parents supply you with a life many ponies could only dream of having, and in return they only ask you for that perfectly normal little thing."

Emerald nods sadly. Perhaps he is being a bit selfish.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-13 08:05:41 No. 26101093

Emerald asks if it's so normal, did it happen to her when she was young? If it's so normal can he do it to her?

"Oh dear, don't tease an ol' biddy like me. When it's not part of the family you should only do it with the person you love, like little Papillon perhaps?" Ms. Cass says, slightly hopefully.

Emerald scrunches his nose. He never much liked Papillon. She was actually pretty mean and... her mannerisms reminded him of stuff...

"Now don't be that way dear! I think you just need to spend more time with her. In fact, I heard she was coming today!" the tutor says, opening the textbooks and placing them in front of Emerald.

Emerald groans, then stops quick after getting an annoyed look from his teacher. He asks if they can get on with the lesson, and soon he is learning astronomy, more math, and language. He always liked language best out of all his classes. A few hours later Emerald asks if they can go to the courtyard now.

"Sure my dear, let me get the guards to let us out."

Ms. Cass walks over to the door and raises her voice slightly, calling for the guards. Emerald hears a click and the two of them are let out of the room and down the stairs to the courtyard, flanked the whole way by two of the soldiers. Once there, they are locked outside, and the two guards stand watch at the door.

Emerald breathes deep. Even if he is trapped here even in the courtyard, it is much nicer being outside in the fresh air. The entire courtyard is bright and green today, and there are indeed the chirping of many birds and the buzzing of a myriad of bees around the well kept and pruned gardens and trees. Emerald and his teacher walk a short ways down the stone path until she comes to a rest on a decorative bench.

"Alright dearest, I think I'll take a rest here. You go and have fun though!"

What does he do?

2016-01-13 08:55:49 No. 26101716

Emerald runs around the courtyard, exploring around the trees and through the bushes. He knows this garden well enough now to draw a map out in his head.

There are exits to the north and south. The north one leads into the back rooms like the dining room and the ballroom, as well as most of the guest rooms and bedrooms. The south leads to the exit and the greeting hall. Both doors are always locked, and the only one who ever carries a key is the guards who let them in.

There is a circle path going around the courtyard with a large fountain in the dead center. immediately to the north and south of the fountain are a wildflower garden and rose garden respectively.

Emerald walks along the outer walls, trying to see if he can find a weakness or anything that might let him escape, but they are all pretty solid. He then goes to looking around the trees. None of them are nearly tall enough to hop the wall with, but he does see a beehive in one of them. That might be useful later.

Emerald also munches on a flower, because he knows he shouldn't.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-13 09:46:59 No. 26102256

Emerald takes note of which tree the beehive is in, which happens to be the one above Ms. Cass.

Maybe he can lure guards over by knocking some bees onto her and then stealing the keys? It seems a bit mean, but he needs those keys if he wants to make it through any locked doors.

Emerald then tries hiding among the bushes, and then in the fountain to see if maybe he can make the guards look for him, but the fountain is too shallow, and the bushes too thick to hide in. The closest he can use is the rose garden, as the plants are tall enough to at lest obscure him slightly. Emerald hears someone calling his name, and he looks up to hear Ms. Cassiopeia saying something.

"Emerald? Where are you? Lady Papillon is here!"

Emerald cringes, trying to hide among the roses again. He scans around and finds a filly in a flashy blue dress standing near the intersection by the south door. She has dark brown eyes, a white mane, and a light tan mane.

Yup, that's definitely Papillon.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-13 10:46:43 No. 26102778

(Last for the night.)

Emerald gets the idea of giving her a formal greeting via jumping out and scaring her, but then he thinks of the probable consequences and decides to stay hidden... Maybe he can find a way to sneak back and-

"How dare you keep me waiting! Get out here now, and greet me properly!" Papillon says to no one in particular while stamping a hoof. After a few seconds she says, "I know you are here, don't make me tell my daddy!"

Gritting his teeth slightly, Emerald gets out of rose bushes and walks over to the filly. When he gets close he bows to her.

"I said greet me properly!" Papillon commands, glaring.

Emerald bends down and kisses her hooves. He doesn't stop until the filly brushes him away and says, "Okay, okay. These are brand new and I don't want you scuffing them. Get up."

Emerald does so, and she continues, "But what's this? I thought I saw you hiding among the roses. Here I thought you were getting me flowers. Have you no manners? You disappoint me. Go, get me one now."

Emerald does so, and after rushing back he hands it to her, at which point she slaps him.

"You think this rose will do? Go get me one that matches my beauty!"

Emerald goes back, wishing he could find a rose in the shape of a butt, since that's what her beauty reminded him of. Instead he pretends to spend a lot of time looking. Partly because he wants to be away from her and partly because it gives the impression that he actually cares. She seems pleased with the flower he returns with, and then says,

"I grow bored. Entertain me."

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-14 06:46:14 No. 26110633

Emerald asks in what way he should entertain her.

"I don't know. Just do it." Papillon says, annoyed.

Emerald tries telling a joke. He says he stayed up all night to see where the sun went, but then it dawned on him.

Papillon purses her lips and glares, but doesn't do anything else.

Emerald just stares back, and then a few seconds later boops her on the nose and tells her that she is "it".

Emerald runs, and as he does he hears a cry of, "Hey! No fair! I'm wearing a dress!"

Emerald plays tag for a little while, and surprisingly enough he actually has a fun time of it. Papillon does of course cheat by claiming she wasn't tagged when Emerald very clearly did, but it's what he expected and to be honest, he is sort of used to it.

"Okay, enough!" the rude filly says, leaning over and panting, "That was passable, but you got my dress dirty. My father will hear of this. Anyway, why must we stay here in the garden every time I come over that isn't a party? I want to see your castle, even if it is way smaller than mine."

Emerald tells her that he can't go anywhere else but his room and the garden for the most part.

"Hmph, well all the more proof of just how useless you are." Papillon says, puffing her cheeks out and sitting on the ground and pulling up small blades of grass.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-14 07:28:56 No. 26111077

Emerald says if she is worried about her dress she should probably just take it off.

Looking disgusted, Papillon says, "How dare a worm like you suggest that I remove my clothes. If anything, you should be more considerate of other people's things before you go about forcing them to play such a silly game."

Emerald bites back a retort about how she seemed to be enjoying herself. Instead he says that unless she can get the guard's keys then they probably aren't going anywhere.

Papillon gives a sound of disapproval and then marches straight over to the north door, which is currently the nearest to them.

"I demand that you let us out of this courtyard." Papillon says, glaring the guards straight in the face.

"I'm sorry, but we cannnot-" One of the guards starts, but then is cut off by the other whispering harshly in his ear.

"Do you know who this is, idiot?" And then stepping forward says, "We can of course do that young mistress, but you must understand, we could get into big trouble if-"

"That is none of my concern. I wish to see the castle."

The guard sighs and says, "So be it. But we will be required to accompany you."

"Of course you shall accompany me. What is a princess without her entourage?" Papillon says with a snap.

The two guards unlock the door and lead the two young ones to the other side of the door.

"Well, where are we going, insect? Show me around properly." the filly says, turning back to Emerald.

Emerald can't remember too much of the castle, to be completely honest. He knows of the ballroom, the sitting room, the drawing room, the greeting room, the library (of course), and his own room. Other than that he isn't sure what's all here. Guest rooms of course, and a kitchen somewhere probably.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-14 08:49:07 No. 26112083

Emerald decides to show her the library, and the two make the short trek up the stairs to it.

The Emerald of now thinks back on his stepfather's library. It was certainly the biggest collection of books he'd ever seen, though it compared nothing to Joyride's. The difference between the two didn't end there however. While Joyride's library is large, it wasn't as gorgeously decorated. Between the rows of shelves was a bright blue, ornate carpet. The ceiling was painted a scene of beautiful pure white pegasi flitting in and out of clouds. The bookshelves were still wood, but it was a a deep red wood that Emerald later found out was called bloodwood.

Emerald shows Papillon around, and though at first she seems interested it quickly peters out, especially after she picks up one of the books.

"Don't you have anything easier to read? With more pictures maybe?" Papillon says with a yawn.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-14 09:49:14 No. 26112880

Emerald says if it's too hard for her that he can read it for her. He tries to put inflections in the right place so that it's subtle enough to sound like an insult but with plausible deniability.

"I can read it!" Papillon says flushing suddenly, "I just don't want too! I bet you are lying though, here! Read it! Prove you can!"

She forces the book into Emerald's hooves and he sits down and begins to read.

It's a story about a pirate who attacks the ship of a princess who is traveling back to her kingdom from visiting a far off land. They take her hostage, and though at first she thinks he is a slovenly brute she seems to start to warm up to him.

Emerald stops reading right in the middle of the story to ask if Papillon is hungry. He is getting an idea.

Startled, she looks up and says, "Yes I... Err.. Guards!"

The guards were standing near the entrance to the library, so it takes a second for one of them to poke their heads around the corner.

"I want some snacks. Sweets, if you have them."

The guard rolls his eyes and nods.

"Now, finish the story!" Papillon says, gruffly.

Now it's just one guard, the filly, and himself.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-14 10:32:01 No. 26113418

(Last of the night.)

Emerald slowly begins to weave the story into something sultrier. He starts slow. He has to make it convincing after all. As he gets farther and farther into the story he notices Papillon's face flush more and more, her eyes grow wider, and her nose get closer and closer to the pages, willing herself to be able to understand it.

Emerald finishes a scene where the princess is invited into the pirate's cabin for the night, at which point he scoots slightly closer to the filly and asks if she wishes to reenact the scene. Papillon stutters slightly, looks away, looks back, and then stands suddenly and says,


The guard that is left pokes his head around the corner.

"I... I wish to be left alone with Emerald for a little while!"

The guard looks to both you and Papillon, and then steps into full view. Scrunching his eyes, he says,


What does Emerald do?

2016-01-16 08:35:55 No. 26135305

Emerald stumbles over his words a little bit, and then looks to Papillon.

The filly attempts to maintain her previous demeanor, but her flushed face and shaking legs give her away slightly,

"D-don't ever ask me that question again! Just do as you are told!" Papillon snarls.

The guard glares for another second before pulling his head away. Emerald can hear him clank over to the door.

>Perception Check
>Rolled 5, Failed.

Once he hears it open and then shut he turns back to Papillon.

She has a look of haughty uncertainty on her face, and Emerald approaches her lightly. Emerald says that she has to remove her dress,.

"Can't... Can't we keep it on?" Papillon says stuttering.

Emerald says that unless she wants the dress to get dirtier she'll have to remove it. Papillon blushes even redder, and then begins to remove her dress. She starts with one shoulder strap, then the other. She then begins to pull down the front of the dress and-

"I knew it!" The guard yells, causing both of the ponies to swivel around.

It seems the guard tricked Emerald. He only faked leaving the room, probably by simply opening and shutting the door, and then snuck back.

The guard tromps over to Emerald, and taking him by the scruff of the neck says, "Back to your room you go!"

"I command that you drop him and leave at once!" the filly says, pointing and yelling even louder than the stallion.

"I'm sorry young mistress, but I fear my employers and your father more than I do you, and if I let this go on I will be on the bad sides of both."

The guard drags the terrified Emerald back to his room, and opening it with a bang tosses him in and shuts the door, locking it tight.

That whole thing happened so quick his head still hasn't caught up. He suddenly realizes that he is crying. Not because he is hurt, but because he knows that he is going to get into big trouble for this.

What does he do?

2016-01-16 09:11:27 No. 26135628

Emerald goes over to the fireplace. He never really thought about it before, but the chimney has to go some where, doesn't it? It's big enough for him to climb in, so Emerald attempts to climb it. it's big enough for him to fit in, but he can't see any light going out the top of it perhaps it-

Emerald suddenly hears voices from the other side of his door. Plopping out of the chimney he goes over and listens.

"-great thing, isn't it?" Emerald's step mother's voice says.

"No, my precious. HE tried to have sex with HER." Emerald's step father says.

"WHAT? Guard! Get me those keys!"

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-16 09:54:57 No. 26136146

Emerald puts a chair up against the door. He needs time to think.

There is a click of a lock, a bump at the door, and then the colt hears his stepmom says, "Emerald? Open this door immediately! Don't make this any worse for yourself than I'm already going to make it!"

Emerald hears his step father chuckle and says, "I'll let you handle this one, honey."

The colt starts to brush the soot off of him nervously. Perhaps he can trick them into thinking he is somewhere else.

Emerald opens the door to the... To the bad room, and then sprints and hides under his bed.

The door is blasted open with magic, causing the chair to shatter and a sizable chunk of the door to bend and snap.

Emerald's step mother walks into the room and she looks angry. The young colt has to bite his front leg to keep himself from whimpering. The mare looks around, and seeing the bad room open she walks towards it.

Taking this opportunity Emerald dashes for the door, but right as he gets to it a guard peeks his head through, causing them to headbutt each other.

Seeing as the guard was wearing a helmet this ended much more poorly for Emerald, who ends up on the floor with a groan.

Emerald's step mom dashes out of the bad room in a flash, and seeing the colt lying on the floor says,

"Explain yourself."

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-16 10:28:39 No. 26136499

(Drinking time. I fucking love you all.)

Emerald doesn't know why, but he feels the rage bubble up inside him. The anger of everything he's had to put up with until now. Everything he'll have to put up with because of this.

He yells at his step mother, saying that he doesn't have to explain anything, and that Papillon wanted him too. He says that they do things to him all the time, so what right do they have to keep him from doing it to someone else? In addition he insults anything he can about her looks and her choice of clothing.

Emerald's step mother is apoplectic with shock. He can see the fury building inside her, but even as tears of frustration slide down his face he stands his ground. Emerald is tired of it. Tired of everything.

"Clearly you need to learn your place." The unicorn says icily, "You will go to the playroom, and we will see if we can't punish that defiant streak out of you."

>Willpower check
>Rolled 4, failed.

Emerald's legs start to shake, and then with his head bowed, starts to walk towards the bad room.


Emerald chokes up at this point, and Ruby looks over to him, looking worried.

"Hey, we don't need to go on, alright? It's okay, I don't care, heh. Let's talk about something else." Ruby says, giving the colt a worried smile.

Emerald shakes his head and says it's okay, that he wants to get this all out. it actually is making him feel better talking about it. Though he doesn't want to relive what happened that day, so he'll skip that part.


Levitating the exhausted, bruised, and sopping wet colt out of the "playroom", Emerald's step mom says,

"And don't think I'm done with you. That was just a warm up. I'm going to go get your father. Clean yourself up before he arrives, and but on the short, tight, pink dress."

The mare then walks out of the room, slamming the door behind her and locking the room tight.

What does Emerald do?
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