There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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>We talked with a piece of Rubicon's mind and got Winona back with us. This had the side effect of cloning the reality warper with a German name, only at an early point of her life. While we were talking with her, a city in the undead body of a gryphon came to us-- they want to talk to the murderous giant that murdered them all and give it psychological assistance.
Queued commands:
>>27386725 >>27375044
"What do you need to talk with the giant about? He's kind of dangerous."
"We wanted to demand a formal apology from the cretin, if you excuse my language. No, I will kick it's ass. Why be so uncivilized...?"
We all just stare at them. I could swear the books take a deep, laboured breath.
After a few minutes, they seem to have reached a consensus.
"We want to give it the psychological assistance it surely requires. At least two hundred of us have the necessary titles."
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