There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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Catch up on
>Last thread, we escaped from the giant, met a queen, and found an old friend. While AJ and Mirria sleep, Rarity and Ludwig started talking, and a story being told. In it, a captain and a medic are being stubborn and need a middleman.

I push the log off his legs, and Salud slides in to check them without a comment.
"Only the hooves broke. Could be worse," She pauses for a moment, seemingly expecting something to happen, but it doesn't. "You are supposed to take the weight off them." She says tiredly.
"I'll pass out if I move."
"You'll hurt them further." She deadpans.
"Do you want to be stranded in the middle of all the shit going on without a rudder and down your captain?" He asks.
"Why can't I ever get reasonable patients?"
"You are in a shitty small boat filled with people comiting military treason, and NOW you care about reasonability?"
"Enough of this," She groans. "Rimwig, will you carry this idiot to a bunk? I am sure we can repair the rudder once we are sure he won't end up invalid."
"Do that and we'll be in deep shit." He moves an inch and winces from the pain in his hindhooves. "Just put that sail in some place where it won't bother us and make sure we reach the morning. will you?"
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