There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"We could still stargaze from here?" I offer.
She doesn't seem all that excited for it, but nods.

>27, sixth moon
She just wanted to stargaze. We talked a bit, but were tired and slept after a few minutes.
I can't honestly say I get why's that she sleeps in the crow's nest, but I guess it's up to her.

>38, ninth moon
Rarity stops braiding.
"Nearly four moons?" Even if Ludwig can't see her lifted eyebrow and small smirk, her tone is more than enough.
"I asked him about it once. He said he was too bussy living his life to write it down."
Rarity doesn't say anything.
"Alright they probably where at it like bunnies." She groans. "What would you expect? They were in the middle of the sea. Days and days of nothing."
>38, ninth moon

I wake up in the bunks to the sound of several ponies stepping in the deck.
I can hear Seer talking with someone whose voice I can't recognize, but not well enough to make out their words.

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