There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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The last thread lasted so little I won't even recap it. Catch up on
I open the door and nearly have a heart attack.
I don't think I had ever seen so many unicorns at once outside a battlefield.
"And--" Seer stops midphrase for a heartbeat, something I wouldn't notice if I didn't know him so well. "--as you can see, my capture of the ship was successful. I've subjugated the original owners and plan to drop them to the closest regiment as soon as I can."
"Hm, I see," The unicorn that I guess is their leader walks to me like a prowling cat and evaluates me much like one. "We could take 'em off your hooves, you know."
"With all due respect, I had planned to collect the reward, sir."
The unicorn keeps walking circles, and I have the awkward feeling of that he isn't checking me out purely as a combatant. "I could use the money myself."
Seer clears his throat, "I have a few barrels of ale I could do without, sir."
A few of the unicorns lift their gazes from examining the deck at that, and give pressing looks to the leader.
"Fine, fine," He walks to Seer again. "Wine it is, boys. Do grab it from the store room, would you?"
A few nod and walk in, but I barely notice them.
A wing appears up in the crow's nest.
Salud's morning stretching. And last I heard, unicorns have far more interest in fliers than in earthlings.
I am barely able to bite down a shout.
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