There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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Catch up at
>In the last thread, Salud and Rimwig searched their son in the anticipation of a city, and eventually found him with the help of two who guarded it. Years later, his small sister -Ludwig- finds that the city in question appeared overnight, only this time fully.
>In it they find many things-- among them a dragon. After a discussion, the filly decides to learn magic to learn about the city safely.
Selene knocks the door, and after a moment an old unicorn whose name I don't know exits.
"Nimrod?" Asks Selene. "I was wondering if you could also teach her," She moves from between me and the mare, "She's interested in arcanism."
"Huh," Her eyes, tinted a shadow of what maybe once was a bright green, move in my general direction. "So young? What for, kid?"
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