There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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2016-06-15 12:01:02 No. 27656619
There are things that I want to know. Both an ancient magical obelisk and a dragon told me the things I wanted to know were too dangerous to be known. I refuse to accept that. Teach me how to safeguard myself against dangerous knowledge, so that I might learn all in time.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-15 01:15:58 No. 27657121
"I want to know stuff--"
"About the city that appeared, she means." Pips in Selene.
"--and a dragon--"
"That was at the city." Adds Selene.
"--Told me I can't because it'd be bad for me."
"Bad how?" Asks Nimrod. "I am not sure--"
"It'd make me sick. Or I'd die. Or both." I pause. "I wanna make magic to learn it anyway."
The old mare pauses for a moment, her eyes wandering between me and Selene.
"You can't know something, because it's bad for you? Sounds like psionics," She enters her home, gesturing at us to follow. "Can the dragon learn it?"
"Nope." I shake my head.
"How old is he?"
"Really old."
"He said he forgot it." Adds Selene.
The mare pauses to look at us -I have to wonder if she actually sees, or only does it out of habit- before grabbing several books in telekinesis, glancing at them.
Seems like it'll take her a moment.

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