There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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I simply stay in place, looking at it. Selene gives me a weird look, but does as I do.
Then the elemental starts bursting in light, making our eyes hurt.
"Kachaw kachaw kachaw! Do you know for how long I can go before doing any damage!? KACHAW!"
"No, no," Biggs shakes his head. "Protecting your loved ones at the cost of your own life? Last recourse. Leaves 'em with survivor's guilt."
"What will you do if I give the ball to you?"
The fire stops suddenly, watching us silently.
"What?" It asks after a moment.
"What will you do if I give the ball to you."
It is silent for a moment, "I dunno?"
"Can you not burn it?"
"Uh, sure."
"And can you give it back to me?"
"No problemo."
The exchange is done with quickly, and as soon as Biggs has told the elemental it's restrictions -which basically amounts to not starting fires and not attacking unprovoked-
Biggs nods, "This exercise is vital for both arcanism and psionics. You should learn to do the most with the less, and to reach an agreement whenever possible. Now, we--" He stops suddenly, and grimaces. "Wait me here. Go back home if I am not back in an hour."
He jumps down from the building without waiting for an answer and runs away like a cat.
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