There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"Oh! Almost forgot! This is Ignis."
"Ignis H. Jotts." He corrects.
"What is it?" Asks Sarim.
That seems to break the ice, and Mom and Dad enter Dad's home immediately, telling us to not move a muscle.
"I am a flame elemental! Hottest stuff since magma!" Ignis shines brighter for a moment.
"Where did you get one?" He pauses. "Can I get one too."
"You can't just make elementals willy nilly--" Starts Selene.
"Get one?" Ignis floats closer to Sarim. "Kid, I ain't no pet of no one! I came here with the girl 'cause I wanted to!"
Dad opens the door and, upon seeing how close Ignis is to Sarim, Mom glares silently. Ignis glares back.
After a minute, Ignis floats back.
"Where did you get it?" She asks after a moment. "And how worried should I be?"
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