There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"Hey, come!" I whisper at Sarim. He doesn't move at first, but follows reticently when I trot on without him.
Sussanah tells Biggs (Larson?) something, and he answers with what is practically a growl. She adds something, making him facepalm, and she falls mute.
A few minutes pass before he asks something, getting a quick answer from her. He makes one of the gestures I don't understand, circling a claw in the air with his fingers extended, and she starts saying something.
Halfway through it she walks away with what seems to be a relieved sigh, and Biggs turns to us.
"If you had understood anything of what we just said, I'd be telling your parents," He says. "But she will stay in the city for some time. I have to ask that you avoid talking with her, if you can."

I used entirely too much time (Like an hour and a half?) in a pretty image that isn't that important. And I didn't even shade it, so it looks plain as fuck.
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