There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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Catch up at

>Last thread, we practiced some magic and saw a dragon Biggs dislikes.

Nimrod teleports us to a platform a small distance from the city and takes a moment to catch her breath.
"Alright, first of all this isn't a competence, and I'd preffer it if you worked in groups."
"Miss?" Calls out Pip, a boy slightly younger than Selene. "How will we do this without knowing spells?"
"Boy, we ain't no dirty mages. I am training arcanists here, I am already teaching you the bases. Make up your own spells as you go," She turns to the chest behind her, "Think of this as helping in my research. You will have to try breaking rock I made, in whatever way you can, while making sure to write down everything you do." She takes some small stones from the chest. "This has several tools and minerals to help you with it. Any questions?"
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