There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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2016-07-29 10:56:30 No. 28021018
Is Sabrina almost done now? We already did the thing she asked and Rubicon just deleted the thing I wanted to have a long discussion with him about, so I don't really know what else to do.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-07-29 11:25:04 No. 28021249
I pass through the portal again, gesturing to Mirria to stay here for a moment.
"Do you need anything else?"
"Huh?" Sabrina turns her head, not quite taking her eyes off the screen, "No, I just ran a full diagnostic. This thing is-- No you stupid thing not that. This thing is just a bad system to work with, so 'A week or so' basically means 'It will fall at any given moment'. " She pauses for a second, muttering to herself, "I just wanted to find out if there was something we absolutely had to rush for. Thankfully I have time to repair this body--" There's an electric crackle in her throat, and her voice fades to nothingness.
She stops typing and, slowly and deliberately, punches a wall several times before noticing the metal of her arm is deforming.
She passes through the portal without a word, her head low in irritation.
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