There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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Yes, or we could just get the one person who can compel truth out of her. You go get her while I turn the golem on.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-08-24 06:40:34 No. 28251695
“Can you go get Mariela?”
She gives me a confused look, but after a second nods and flies off.
I connect the golem to the computer and wait for Sabrina to get in it, tapping my hoof nervously.
"Oh? Oh, Ooooooh, is this how a body that isn't breaking down feels?" She moves her legs awkwardly, flexing the petal-like fingers one by one, "It's so good, do you have any idea of what the prototype and the room were like?"
Before I can answer, the door opens, clanking against the wall.
"Sab?" Mariela climbs down the ladder rushedly, "Sab? You are alive?"
"Whah-- You." Sabrina steps back, anger in her face, "How dare you come here!"
"Look, I understand--"
"No, you don't understand a single thing! You left me alone with an insane bastard and just ran away!"
"I was afraid he'd hurt me too, and I didn't even know what had happened to him until a few days before I got killed!"
"And what do you think I felt!? I was stuck with protocols forcing me to follow his every word, every day, until he just disappeared and left me alone for moons! And then, this tower started falling to pieces even faster than before with me trapped in that freaking room!" She stops, panting for breath, "So yes! Tell me you know how I feel! Do go on!" Mariela doesn't answer, so she continues, "He made Cath kill herself! Did you even care to check how we were!? Huh!?"
"I planned to, but--"
"And what would you have done?" Sabrina seems spent, breathing heavily, "Do you think I care to see you now? I don't. I took the cancer that the protocol was out, and now I'll just get out of this tower, go to some mountain, and hopefully never talk with anyone again."

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