There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"I know it sounds crazy. But you weren't in Surane before everything went to hell. The thing that had replaced Rubicon was attacking everyone when they slept, and then bloody Rubicon appears in my dreams and noo, he isn't the real stuff either! He's just a half-crazy figment of his mind that wants me to get someone out of the small church before the thing that stole his body killed them! So yes! Tell me about how I don't get it after I spent several years of my life hiding from my teacher! Everyone's life went to hell, Not just yours!"
Sabrina is in silence for a moment, both of their breaths ragged, and then she pushes Mariela away with a punch and a sob, making the neck bend with a crack.
"Oh, you bitch!" Mariela throws herself to Sabrina without bothering to accommodate her head properly, but they are both stopped by Rarity's telekinesis.
"Dears, could you take them apart?" She says, straining to keep them bound, "I am not sure I can keep them apart for too long"
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