There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"Wait. Sparkle?" I ask aloud. The name sounds familiar.
"Twilight Sparkle?" Adds Rarity.
"Yeah, the princess of friendship. Don't you know her?"
"What did she do?"
"I think... The person I took out of the church knew her, and I used to chance to tell her what was happening with some weight in my words. Then she sent me and a few others back to the church so she'd do something, that's when I got Ludwig. It gets muddier from there."
"I don't know what happened exactly because I got seriously hurt." She shudders. "I think I was dying before the tower happened. Surane is filled with conflicting stories, but it isn't just me that got hurt-- The dragon she travels with and her friend were with me, and her friend nearly died. Sparkle was angry enough that she crashed through the city without slowing down to meet the thing that had stolen Rubicon's body. They fought."
"And she did something out of anger, bad enough that the dragon was mad at her for it." She shudders again, "Then I woke up, and I knew the tower had happened before even realizing where I was."

Paused for the night.
I think you are confusing who the question is aimed at. It's Sabrina that knew their names before any of them said it, not Mariela.

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