There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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My throat hurts. I lift a hoof to rub it, but pause when I notice that everyone is staring at me. Why are Mirria and Rarity in the verge of tears?
"Applejack?" Asks Ludwig, visibly exhausted. "Don't talk for now. We found out the source of your amnesia."
I only can stare at her.
"There's a parasite that doesn't let you remember. We could try to remove it, but it's dangerous." I keep staring silently, "Do you know what a full uncoupling is?" I shake my head, "It's what happened to... to the me that's in the knife. Your spark shatters, and without it your mind, soul, and body come apart."
I can't think of any way to answer to that.
"I will try to do it if, and only if, you really want me to. But even if it goes right it'll be painful."

I am doing this here since Miracle 404d and It's only a few updates I need to do before going in a days-long trip. I apologize for any bother this may produce.
Updates will be text only to save time.

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