There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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I splash more water on her, Winona getting out of the w--

inkie splashes water in me, a joking grin in her face, but I only groan in irritation.
"What?" She asks after a minute, her smile fading into confusion.
I groan again.
"Come on," She slides closer to me in the bathtub, "You can tell your grand uncle's daughter's thrice removed half brother long lost... You can tell me."
I try to shove her away, but find my mouth moving:
"Today is the anniversary of... You know, Granny's passing."
"Oh." Pinkie is silent for a second. "So?"
"So I can't stop thinking of her." I say flatly.
"And that makes you sad?" Pinkie pauses for a moment. "I don't remember her making you sad."
"No, I am sad 'cause she passed away!" I shout, a weight coming up my throat. "And now I'll never see her again!"
"Ooooh... that's silly."
"It ain't! I lost her like I'll lose everyone!" I push her away from me, wishing I could do the same for everyone.
She looks at me in silence, hurt in her face for a fraction of a second as her hooves catch on to the borders of the bathtub before her head falls into the water.
"Do you think I haven't lost anyone?" She says with an unaccustomedly serious expression, her hooves trembling slightly, "Several for every day of the year, AJ. I could list today's if you wanted me to."
The weight in my throat descends to my belly, my mouth half open as I search for something, anything, to answer to that.
"But even when I am sad because I miss them I am happier because I met them, because they wouldn't want me to be sad. They wouldn't be my friends if they did." She manages a smile, "Do you think you can do that too? For me?"
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