There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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I splash her as strongly as I can in retaliation for the cannonball, throwing off balance.
The next hour is spent like that until Sarim appears and takes us to the library, his body sucked into the ground with out bags and clothing almost immediately and without an explanation.
Why does my plate have... flavorless and textureless icecream? This isn't fair.
Rarity walks to us a few minutes later, her hooves wet, "Dear, as flattered as I am by you still having the bag I gave you, I made it white. You ought to clean it more often. Also--"
I stop her with a gesture and head inside for some book with blank pages, then go back and write a few phrases on it.
"Pinkie? That sounds like her, yes. You haven't remembered me yet, haven't you?"
It takes me a moment to answer, but I shake my head-- there's still a Rarity-shaped hole in everything I can remember.
"Oh... I'll have to be patient, I guess. The others will join us in a moment."
Just as she says that Sarim emerges from the ground, carrying a table in his claw which he puts in the ground. He sits at it quietly, and soon Surane joins him with a large wood box, then starts spreading its contents -which include several die- across the table.
Ludwig comes soon after, looking visibly tired and with a few books trailing after her in telekinesis.
"Baf--Before I forget, do you have any idea of what a--?" She starts, but stops with a scared expression.
We look in the same direction she's watching, and see Ludwig -the knife- bouncing towards us, spinning several times in each jump.
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