There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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I scramble away with Ludwig, both of us holding Mirria back before she flies at the knife.
"What in ptske are you doing here!?" Shouts Ludwig. "Sarim, what is that ralee doing here!?"
"I imagine she's talking a walk." Sarim turns in her direction briefly and returns to Surane. "I roll to climb."
"She's dangerous!"
"So is everyone here." He says simply.
"But I've never threat-- I haven't threatened anyone here!"
"I remember you tried to choke Mariela."
The knife reaches us before she can answer, stopping briefly in its tip and then resuming to hop, Mirria still trying to escape our hold.
"What, you will only ignore them?" Rarity, standing between us and her, takes a step closer to the knife, "That is uncorteous, uncourageous, and childish."
The last word stops her dead in her tracks, and I have the odd feeling that she's turning to us despite lacking a face of any sort.
"Childish?" She jumps closer to Rarity, "Childish, you pitiful mortal!?"
"Lud..." Says Surane in a low tone.
"I have slain more armies that you will ever see!" She continues.
"Yes?" The knife trembles in what I can only suppose is anger.
"What did we tell you?" One of them, apparently male, says tersely.
"Many an idiocy, gryphon."
"And I shouldn't threaten people."
"Because you are idiots and cowards?"
"Besides that?" The knife mutters something. "I did not hear you."
"Because it's not practical."
She throws herself at Surane, metal singing in the air, but is stopped by a stone wall.
"Because I don't like it." He says simply.
"My-- But-- Lud! We thought you had made progress!" Surane sound hurt when they say it.
"I will only make progress when that damned wayward skull appears!" She shouts, impacting several more stone walls.

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