There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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I take the book to write a few short phrases in it -Mirria too irritated to do it herself- and pass it to Ludwig, who rereads it a few times.
"Sarim? Why didn't you tell me she did this?"
"Because she's my sister too." He doesn't turn to us to speak.
"Wa-- is there anything else I should know about?"
"Define 'Should'."
"That will bite me in the ass despite not being my actions?"
"Not as much as you may think."
"I won't be using my real name when I get out of this tower." She gives me back the book, "Anyway, I'll have to take her measures later, but it's not very complex. Any medic could see it's perfectly safe." She pauses. "Only, uhm, kind of painful at first. It takes a while for the throat to get used to it--" She stops suddenly, "Is it usual to write without looking nowadays?"
"Not at all--" Rarity looks in the same direction as she is, "Applejack?"
I follow her gaze, and see that my hoof is moving on its own, writing something in the book, only a few words for now.
I feel a sort of numbness in the arm, only noticeable now that I focus on it, which I think I could break with little effort.

There was a way to go down, very early on, and it would've consisted of a few signs giving warnings and then maybe death if they were ignored. I never thought much about it because I didn't think the players would go in that direction at all

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