There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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The others read it and after a moment we are left just looking at the book, left in the centre of the table, silently.
"What's the silence about?" Sarim turns and takes the book from the table, "Bad poetry, but not THAT bad."
"Applejack..." Rarity mouths for a second, "Her hoof wrote it?"
"Another episode?" Sarim leaves it in the table.
"I think?" She gives me an uncomfortable look, "Did you feel anything before it happened?"
I shake my head distractedly, staring at the words. Honesty? Generosity? Isn't that me and Rarity?
I write that question and pass it to Rarity, who considers it for a moment.
"I hadn't considered who is this talking about, but I don't think it's any of us. Pinkie is anything but demeaning, this is all like a bad joke of what we are." She's silent. "If anything, this reminds me more of how I've seen Twilight act here."
I don't know how to answer to that, and after a minute she stands from the table, whispering an 'Excuse me', and starts walking away from it.
"Rarity?" Ludwig turns to her, worried, "Is there anything you need?"
"Only a few minutes alone. Could you get them their clothings when they are dry?" Ludwig nods, and Rarity walks away from us in silence.

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