There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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Side thread.

>>Interloper interference detected.
>>Jamming data feed...
>>>...Retroactive to one minute
>>>...Contacting arcology
>>>...Arcology response: all OK.

I shake my head to silence the voice, not having the time to pay it any attention.
>>Jammer active.
The giant tries to grab me, but I fly between its hands and hook a telekinetic grasp to his jaw, tearing it off with ease. The giant doesn't even seem to notice, grabing and throwing me against the tow
>>Grade four damage detected. Contacting healing systems...
>>>...Damage irreparable with accelerated cellular replication or any other measures, contacting cord shifters...
>>Central nervous system damaged, chameleon spells unsustainable
>>Central nervous system damaged, data feed jammer unsustainable
>>Central nervous system damaged, cellular filter unsustainable.
>>>>...Partial reversal set to: forty seconds...
>>>Administering anaesthetics...
>>Resuming automated spells...
>>Systems and organism normalized

against the wall-- wake up to the bliss of numbed nerves What is that smell, my horn flaring on reflex and it's familiar pushing the giant is that them? 's hand away from I thought my countermeasures would keep them at bay me.
What are you doing here.
Why must you pester me so.
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