There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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2016-12-06 01:10:38 No. 29007385
Yes we have answered your question. What we know is that there is a Miracle, and Applejack thinks she needs it. That's about it, but she thinks she needs it badly enough to go against you to get it, so she must believe she needs it very strongly. We are trusting her that it is the right decision.

You want us not to help her? Then stop treating everyone else like a child. Tell us what exactly is up there and exactly why you think it should be avoided. State your case and convince us. If you don't want to appeal to our reason then I see no reason to trust your judgement over AJ's. Especially since both AJ and Rarity's ghost said you kind of went crazy lately.

2016-12-06 01:33:22 No. 29007470
Please twiggles, what would your mother, twilight velvet say? Or your brother?
By the by, where is he or cadence at? I'd expect at least one of them to still be kicking around.

2016-12-06 01:35:15 No. 29007475
Boy oh boy, I wish I could understand all those fancy numbers and symbols you're sending my way, but I'm a simple man.

That aside, I would also like to know what lies atop the tower. What is the Miracle?
And since you won't tell us what the Miracle is for whatever reason you feel you shouldn't tell us, then enlighten us as to why we shouldn't help AJ attain it.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-12-06 02:35:41 No. 29007653
>State your case and convince us.
"You seem to assume you are relevant enough for me to do that." 6$"/_AfuA;[email protected]:sUlALns4DL$G7Gl
>and Applejack thinks she needs it
You are right. She thinks that.
>Please twiggles, what would your mother, twilight velvet say? Or your brother?
;eU;q+E_W "Why do you think the dead mater on this?" 8K`+qGp%!CF "Do you feel pleasure dragging the dead into things? Huh!?" 8K`(aEb/Zr "Like you falsified Rarity's voice? I do not think you are simple. I think you are complex enough for malice and actual stupidity, and that is your folly."
"Do you want answers? there was once a magical princess, in a magical land. Together with the things she deserved the least, the things that made her strive to deserve them, BOu3,D/"[email protected],^t, she vanquished evil from her land again and again.
"But the magical princess was not clever, was not magical even, and never truly loved--" <+ohcB5(dlF<G%[email protected]+EV:;Dfo]++EV:.+DbJ-F<[email protected]:tBk;=+ "I tried to keep everyone safe. I tried to keep them happy. But 8K`4cF!+m6AoDU( 8K`4cF!,RCD][email protected];> ..... -.... / --... ..... / ----. ..... / .---- ----- ....- / ----. ..--- / --... ----- / -.... ----- / --... .---- / ..... ..... / ..... ----- / -.... ---.. / ...-- ----. / ..... .---- / -.... ..... / ...-- ----. / -.... ..... / --... ..... / ---.. ----. / -.... ---.. / .---- .---- -.... / -.... ---.. / .---- ----- ..--- / ....- ---.. / ....- ...--
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