There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"Describe 'here'"
"In this location."
"I'd see her if she was! And even if I couldn't see her, I'd be aware of her presence somehow! She's part of me, dammit!" I shout.
"As far as I am aware--" It coughs, "As far as I am aware, I am talking with two entities functioning in rather imperfect synchrony" He waves a hand around in a gesture similar to those Biggs likes. "How would it be said in your tongue...? A skewed symphony, maybe."
"I... I don't under--


I ask father why don't we ever hear from any people from outside our world.
He tells me they are simply too far, and that the distance grows every day.


"Ah!" I hold my head in pain, "Stop that!"
"I have already told you I can't." He says quietly. "Have you seen yourself?"
"What do you mean!?" Don't go hysteric. Try to stay calm. Ignore the burn of the sun--
Temperature should be a merely factual attribute for me. I shouldn't feel it.
I look at myself.
Clockwork hooves rest on the sand, their gears clicking quietly.
"What is this." I try to move away from them, but the only result is the hooves backpedalling. "What is happening!"
"More than a guest would be difficult to handle." He doesn't react when I fall over myself, "I provided you with what little unity I could while whitin my simulation."
I raise the hooves to watch them closely, and the skull looks back at me from the reflection in the steel, its pupils to steel-blue pinpricks.
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