There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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Twilight doesn't scream.
She doesn't say anything, instead alighting her horn, gritting her teeth.
"Twilight?" I ask her, worry overriding any fear I may feel as the giant swoops down on us.
A tickle of blood falls from her mouth. Several cracks stab into my ears as her teeth crack under the strength of her jaw.
It takes only a second-- Three root-like structures grow from the ground, shinning a bright rose around her. A feeling of sickness overcomes me as the light seems to fade into her somehow, my limbs feeling weak, and there is a loud report accompanied by a flash of light that blinds me.
"I am Twilight Sparkle." She says through teeth that are quickly clicking back to place. "I am Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Dusk, Guardian of Knowledge, Offerer of Friendship, Speech of the Tree, Spark of Magic, head of the Star-Gazer clan, sister of Star-Paladin Lord Spike and Emperor Shinning Armor."
As my vision returns I see her advancing step by step against the giant, who tries to resist her telekinesis.
"Can you tell me your titles?" She forces him against the door of the tower, the air boiling and screaming away from them, my limbs growing weaker the more strength she exerts, "Can you tell me why you think you mater in any regard?"
The words enrage the giant more than ever before, twisting his grin into a mask of contorted rage, hands growing from every inch of skin in a try to overcome her seemingly irresistible strength.
"Can you tell me who would miss you if I killed you?" Her wings open, shimmers of magic in every feather, and she keeps walking against him, "Who would feel anything but a vague happiness, or some pity?"
The giant opens the door of the tower behind him, disappearing inside with a report, and the doors close immediately.
There is a moment of quietness before Twilight walks closer to the tower, touching the bricks.
"What did you do?" I half shout, strength returning to my legs, "What in Tartarus did you just do!?"
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