There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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She ignores me, probing the bricks with her horn, "The paste looks familiar."
"Don't ignore my question!" I trot to her, but she doesn't seem to be hearing.
"Hm. Yes." Her stature descends to that of a normal pony, "It has my own signature."
"I'll be back in a moment." Her horn alights, opening a familiar-looking rift in front of her.
"Twilight, you aren't in a state to travel time."
"Don't worry." She says without turning her head to me.
"You can do this at any time!"
"I still don't know if time is casual or causal." She shakes her head with a click of her tongue, grabbing her horn and throwing it away, "For all I know I have to go back now and assist in the making of this tower or proper sequence will be broken."
She disappears with a flash.
I am left standing there. I watch her horn, from which a small tickle of blood falls.
"You bitch!" I shout at nothing in particular but wanting to get it out of my chest.
She appears again, a horn growing quickly from her forehead, "--uch to do, too much to do." She grabs her old horn, seems to consider doing something with it, and throws it away, "Applejack, I saw something magnificent." She pauses for a fraction of a second, some tears sliding over her small smile, "A dragon, who I thought was only legend, had a rather creative way to bear eternity." She alights her horn, "Come here."
"What are you doing?" I step away from her, the glint in her eyes intimidating me, "Twilight, I want you to stop and breathe. Remember your exercises?"
"I am fixing things, as always," She drags me closer to her with telekinesis, "It won't hurt. I promise."
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