There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"I am too fed up with secrets. Do it." I earn a confused glance from Mirria, which mutates to a confused, then half panicked one when Truth appears. "Calm--"
She jumps between me and Truth, wings flared and legs spread in a low stance.
"Who are you." She demands, the sound woobly from her necklace still waving under her neck.
"I like Truth," He walks closer to her and offers a hoof calmly, "And you seem to be a friend of Applejack?"
"You can trust him." I put a hoof on her hindquarters, "He's the spirit of Honesty."
"What ar--" Rarity walks to us, her mane held in telekinesis, "Ah. Hello."
Truth lowers his hoof and walks to Rarity, eyes wide. "You are dead." He lifts her chin to look into her eyes, being far taller than any of us, "You can't-- Oh..."
"What is it?" Rarity gives him a concerned glance, "Where is Cas? I-- I tried to call her, but she didn't appear."
"I haven't seen her in moons. She... decided to find a new bearer of Generosity."
"So she uncoupled the element from me."
Truth nods carefully.
"When you see her, do tell her I am glad that she did it." She says after a moment.
"I will." He sighs and turns back to me, "Applejack, Magic reached Twilight a while ago. It was too fast for me to keep track of it from a distance, but..." He hesitates, mouthing, "Magic will reform in a few decades." He gulps, "Until then the Elements lack their keystone. I only have the strength for us to trigger a harmony event on our own once, maybe twice before needing to retract back into the Tree to recharge."

It's a recovered memory, yes.
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