There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"And do you think that'd be enough?"
"You know the tree, Applejack. It may warm a kettle of tea or it may crack this thing in two." He taps the floor of the tower with a hoof, "I will try to coerce it into... something, but Twilight suffers no infection to cleanse, I don't think I can contain her properly without maiming her either, and I..." He shakes his head, "Magic left the start of a reaction formula engraved on her element, I don't understand what it does, but I'll try to make it work somehow. Meanwhile, try to remain safe, and if you find Twilight get as physically close to her as you can before triggering it." One of his legs fades, nearly making him fall, "I can't spend more energy in this," The rest of him starts to fade as well, "But can you do something for me?"
"What is it?" I walk to him and shoulder his weight.
"Do you remember the first time we met?"
It takes a moment for the memory to be sparked, but I nod.
He hops in front of me, crouching into a reverence, "Lady Applejack, head of the Apple clan," He continues quietly, "Heir of Smith and vanquisher of chaos... Would you do me a tremendous honour?"
"Yes." The first time I hesitated, I remember now-- He was so recalcitrantly courteous back then. I lower into a reverence myself.
"Will you do me the honour of wielding me against the foes of our land?" He gulps, "To accept, once again, the title of paladin with all the responsibilities it carries?"
"Yes." I nod again, closing my eyes.
"Thanks." He pauses. "Until you summon me again I will be a voice on the back of your head." His voice loses more and more weight behind it, growing plain, "But do count on me, for what little use I can be like that."
I open my eyes.
There's no one in front of me anymore. Rarity stands by my side, her cold hoof on my withers.
I stand up and look in Mirria's direction. She seems to be arguing about something the the hologram.

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