There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"Hon-- Truth?" I try.
He sounds strained, but answers quickly: "I hear you."
"Are you fine?"
"It's hard to maintain coherency without a body. I find myself regressing to my past incarnations if I lose focus." He must notice the worry that wells in me immediately, if his tone is any indication: "I can undo it, with some effort. It's just thoroughly unpleasant."
I nod and think for a moment, "Could you use the Elements against the giant?"
"Giant?" He pauses for a moment, "I don't even know who or what that is. I've focused my energies in bypassing Twilight's barrier."
"I am not entirely sure on what it is, but it seems like someone from this tower made it."
"An artificial life form, then?"
"I think so. It's... ruthless. I've seen it break its own skull trying to pass through a door that was too small for it. And childish. And it wants to kill me."
"It's own skull? How is it alive?" Truth sounds distracted, as if he was remembering something.
"It seems to be fully healed every time I see it."
"So it's either a regenerator or it has some kind of panacea."
I nod, "It can grow hands, a lot of them. And it can tell people to... to die." I pause, "I don't know if it can tell them to do other things. I've never seen it try to."
"If it can grow bodyparts it's probably a regenerator, and one that can implant such a potent geis... A humongous degree of sheer power both physically and psionically, and a very clear intent to kill." He is silent for nearly a minute. "If nothing else, the tree won't as much as hesitate if you try to trigger a harmony event against it."
Mirria shouts before I can answer, "And I am telling you, if he had come here I'd be aware of it!"
"My registers confirm clearly that he used these baths frequently." Answers the hologram calmly, "King Halaoo often enjoyed them with Rubicon up to a few years ago, when the structure was still part of the Dreamers' small church."
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