There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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I give a better look to the stream-- It produces a whistle that becomes more painful to my ears the closer I am, and waves of searing heat come from it every two or three seconds, which seems to have eroded the floor away. I try to ignore the high pitched whistle to walk across it, but the heat becomes unbearable before I get to touch it.
I return to the stairway, "Rarity, can you wait us for a moment? There's a thing like the one in the baths, but larger."
"Isn't there anything far enough from it?"
I hesitate and give a cursory look to the room without wallpaper, "Some kinda laboratory."
"You check the rest while I have a look at it, then." She walks in there without waiting for an answer.
"Alright." I say to keep a smidgen of pride.
The room closest to the stairway is locked, but I buck it open easily and peek inside.
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