There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"Mirr-" I turn to her.
She's not there.
"Mirria?" I ask again, "Rarity?" I shout.
Neither of them answers.
The earth pony mare stands with a start and trashes until she grabs the knife -why is it so familiar?- in her mouth and tries to stand tall without much success.
I give her a good look, backing off. What at first I thought was pink fur is actually baldness, with points where the skin is sickly purple or red tones. Her eyes, which may have been green at some point, are pale and unfocused now.
"Who-- Who are you!?" She shouts hysterically despite having the knife in her mouth. I think of rushing to her and taking the knife away before she hurts herself with it, but with her muscular build both of us may be wounded in the process. "Stay away from me! D-Don't make me defend myself!"
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