There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"We should go see with Lud and Sarim. And about Rare, too." I turn around and head for Rarity to see what she found.
"Mirria? I understand you like fighting as a sport?" She says, in an awkward Tharatean, when we are approaching the door.
"Yes?" She says. Almost immediately a gray-and-blue blur dashes for her, making her dodge, "Was that you?" She says after taking a deep breath.
"Aren't rapiers beautifully deceiving?" She walks out of the workshop happily, "They are delicate and should break, but instead bend and adapt." She swirls it around Mirria playfully.
"So you can fight?" Mirria gives a look to the glow around the handle, "That's not telekinesis."
"The connection between an unicorn and a properly enchanted blade is not quite telekinesis, no... and yes, even if I need the right tools and don't have the same skill as Rainbow or Applejack."
"And what else, you recite poetry while fighting?" Mirria turns to me, "You can fight too."
"I don't care to advertise it." I say simply. "Dash is the one who likes doing it."
Mirria looks disappointed, but I move to the workshop to give it a look.
"Oh, yes," Rarity moves aside, "There's another drawing inside."
"I'd so fight to conquer that ass." Says Mirria behind me, making me turn to her suddenly. "What?" She's silent for a moment. "Wait. Did I say that aloud?"
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