There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"I already knew, but she's always been more subtle about it." I shuffle awkwardly.
"And neither of you has done anything?"
"Rare, we have other things to worry about here."
"I suppose life or death is more important than romance... and it's not like this is the atmosphere for it, either..."
"What are you planning?" I ask her, "This better not be one of those dramatic surprise dates."
"Nothing of the sort, no. Although I am pleased you remember me so well."
I cringe, "I still don't remember you." She doesn't answer, "I can remember small details, but the gross of it? There's still a you-shaped hole in all of it."
"Little details are more important than you may believe," She sounds sad despite her words, "But let's not focus on the sad part, hm?"
Mirria and Mariela walk to us, both of them crestfallen, "AJ?" Asks Mirria.
"What is it?"
"You may not like this." Her wings shuffle for a moment, "We saw Twilight outside, fighting with the giant."
"What of it?" Worry creeps into Rarity's voice.
"She was shouting at someone, I couldn't see who. And... and well, she was more and more distracted while fighting someone who wanted to kill her..." She leaves it in the air.
"Don't tell me she bought the farm." Anger rises up my throat like bile, "I didn't get to- I was supposed to be mad at her! To-- I don't know, to spit on her face or something!"
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