There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"She can't just die like that!" I punch a wall, "It's, not, FAIR!" I punch it again with every word, heat building up in my chest.
"What!" I shout back at Truth.
"Stop doing that!"
"Who are you--"
"I am the element you were trying to trigger!" Truth cuts me, "I love you like a mother, but if you try to use me out of anger I'll /have/ to reject your command!" He's quiet for a moment, then adds quietly. "Waking up to find you acting like that, Tartarus' curses..."
"It's not just that," Mariela gulps, "There's a thing flying on the sky now. And it kind of took Twilight's body. Casted a beam of light and snatched her body and head out of the giant's mouth. I'll go see that thing." She trots to it, putting as much distance as she can between herself and me.
"She...?" Rarity speaks weakly. "She died?"
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