There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"Let's go for Rubicon, then." I move a small distance away from Rarity.
Mariela cringes, "III think it'd be better to copy this and take it to him. Easier that way and all. Would you?"
Mirria nods and grabs the notebook from her bag, then spends a few minutes copying the circle carefully, writing down its original size on the side.
"You sure that's ok?" Mariela peeks over her shoulder. Mirria just stares back at her. "Alright."
We head down and tap Rubicon's surface until it starts clicking, the surface heating quickly.
"What?" He asks, static on his voice.
"We found a image of you with old Herald over it, and thought you could read it for us?"
"I'll try- try- try to..." Small mechanic arms reach for the notebook that Mirria is offering and approach it to several of the white motes in its surface. "Hrm, would- would- would- you have any idea of who wrote this?"
"Not yet."
"Well, it uses- uses a very old version of the script... " His voice fades completely for a moment, startling us, "....ion of the script, dating back to Surane's foundation, which is difficult for me to read- read. Have you found any clue- clue- clue of how to make a new vessel for... vessel for me, by the way?" He moves the notebook away from the motes. "I am afraid- afraid this one won't... one won't last much longer."
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