There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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> Catch up on
> INV:

(Copied from last post)
"User Applejack." One of them lands behind me, making me turn with a start.
"I..." Says Mariela, opening her wings to take flight, "I'll go get Rubicon a functioning body."
"You do that." I look at the shape more carefully-- an assortment of floating, iridescent purple metallic plates, arranged in a way that reminds me of Twilight.
"Emergency situation. User Twilight Sparkle underwent heavy physical damage. Automatic programs

("Warning: Medical procedure unfinished. Subject still wounded.")

executed. Emergency: Princess Celestia Princess Cadance Princess Luna outside range. Current mission: Protect User Applejack from two threats detected. Emergency: Arcology reports that the construction

("I have to protect her!" I manage to stand away from the operation table, ignoring the pain in my horn and neck, "Terminate moral procedures! Now!")

facilities will run out of resources to replenish combat units defense units before threat is contained. Emergency: Threat cannot be contained." The metallic plates of one of its legs rearrange themselves to point at the giant. "Emergency: Current situation has been

(I make a hole through the installations under me with my wings folded, falling down immediately)

deemed unacceptable. Please, assign more optimal program."
Before I can answer this I hear Rarity shout from inside the tower, distressed, "Applejack! She's meteoring!"
"What?" I turn to the hole in the wall to see her pointing up.
"Twilight is meteoring!" She shouts again.
I look in the direction she's pointing-- A lavender comet is falling from the structure in the sky, it's shine becoming brighter and brighter.
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